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    Postgame Quotes



    Jan. 21, 2006

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    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement...
    "In the first half neither Mohamed or Vedran had any baskets. We were down 12 points and they started very well in the second half. You get down that much in a game on your home court and it's discouraging. They were playing good defense and we were missing the shots that we did get. Clearly we can't win when Vedran has one of those types of shooting games."

    On Vedran's sub-par offensive performance...
    "It's going to happen. I think most of his shots were pretty good. Maybe one or two were rushed. He had a lot of open shots that I thought were pretty good shots for him. That happens sometimes. He's a good long range shooter."

    On new starting lineup...
    Tim Doyle has been turning the ball over an awful lot the last couple games and Mohamed is feeling better now after the surgery. We just decided to move things around a little. After you lose three straight you have to try to make some changes.

    On James Augustine's defense...
    "He`s a good defender down low and he was able to contest a lot of Vedran's shots. So I think his defense had a lot to do with Vedran's performance. But Vedran still had open three's. I think maybe Augustine's defense threw him out of sync, but a lot of it was Vedran too."

    Illinois Head Coach Bruce Weber

    Opening Statement:
    "I thought for the first 25 minutes it was as good of a defensive effort, a sustained effort, that we've had. Now you get (the lead) into the 20's and we're talking about subbing-and we just let down. Sometimes we just get worried about `do we make a shot? Somebody didn't pass me the ball'-all these little selfish things. We should have finished the game."

    "We have a solid part of our schedule coming up where we have some home games. We have got to decide: Are we going forward? We can be special or are we just going to be okay? That's what our guys have to decide as a team."



    On James Augustine's defensive effort on Vedran Vukusic ...
    "James is all shook in there because he didn't make some layups and missed some free throws. But man he should feel so good about what he did on Vedran. He's the leading scorer in the Big Ten. He's versatile and he can score inside and outside. He just never let him get in a rhythm. I don't think he scored a bucket until the last couple minutes of the game. It was a great effort by James."

    On Dee Brown's performance ...
    "Dee got more involved. He made some shots. He's done a great job of running the show-eight assists today, 11 the other night. He's done it for us all year. Sometimes teams are locking in on him and trying to shut down your scoring, but he's passing the ball. Now other guys have to make plays. That'll probably be the key to our team's progress. Can other guys step up and make some shots and make some plays?"

    On the finish to the game ...
    "We could have broken their back. Everyone had a chance. We just didn't make those plays to break their back and finish the game."