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    Northwestern vs. Indiana - Postgame Quotes



    Jan. 20, 2013

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    Welsh-Ryan Arena
    Jan. 20, 2013
    Postgame Quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement...
    "I told our team during halftime that they [Indiana] are punishing us on the backboards and are productive. They're getting offensive rebounds and tip-ins are going in...second shots and scoring on that. I thought our defense was pretty good but you have to get it off the glass and that's part of defense. You have to finish the job. I thought in the second half it got better. Offensively, we didn't shoot the ball well in the first half. Early on we got some really good looks and they got a 10-point lead, and we didn't make them. In the second half, they went down a little bit. It's a good team. They get to the foul line so much. They get 20 points a game off foul shots. We wanted to try and stop them from running, which I think we did for the most part. You have to play very well against a team of that caliber. Second half we scored, but we missed some foul shots and in a close game you have to make them all. It seemed like they [Indiana] made an awful lot [of foul shots] and didn't miss too many. I think we're playing pretty solid defensively, and offensively, we just have todo a little bit better job in the first half. That's what I saw."

    On the defensive job on Cody Zeller in the second half...
    "We weren't doing anything really special there. We didn't talk about that except just don't let him get on the backboards as much. It's a pretty good team they have, with perimeter guys and sometimes he's getting the ball and passing - playing to win. He just seemed like he was everywhere and he kissed the line a lot, made the foul shots. We tried to foul [Jordan] Hulls in the end because he missed a few in the first half. We said let's give it a shot because they are a very good foul-shooting team."

    On Northwestern's defense...
    "We're much improved over the last few years. Now we have to figure it out offensively. What bothers me is the rebounding. Our two centers had only one rebound between them, and that's scary. They play, say, 35 minutes and only get one rebound. That's just not acceptable. I think we're defending a lot better."

    On limiting turnovers...
    "We wanted to stop the transition as a team and we always try to limit our turnovers. Sometimes that's easier said than done. You have six turnovers, you're going to get some shots. I think we had a chance there, a couple shots. [Dave] Sobolewski had a nice run, and set us up for a 3-pointer that he could've made. You don't know if they make foul shots because there wasn't quite enough pressure on them.

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement...
    "We came out and got a great win today in a tough environment. It's always tough to play on the road but especially here at Northwestern. The style they play, it's really a positive statement about our team. I think it was great to have some of our young guys get out there and see what it's like to experience a team that runs as precise an offense that Northwestern does. They were coming off a big win over Illinois and playing well so this was really crucial for us."

    On defending the Northwestern offense...
    "They're playing really well right now. It's always tough when you lose a guy like (Drew) Crawford but I think they are really playing as a tight unit. They're offense is tricky, they make you pay when you make a mistake and I don't think I've ever seen such sharp cuts anywhere. I was glad we made them shoot more mid-range jumpers because usually their game is more about driving to the hoop and shooting threes."

    On allowing both Minnesota and Northwestern to come back in the second half...
    "Both of those teams played well. I don't really see your point about "clawing back". They both played well but at the end of the day we won both games."

    On the atmosphere at Welsh-Ryan Arena...
    "I thought it was great. They've got a great fan-base and I was impressed with how much support we had out here as well."