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    Jan. 13, 2007

    Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement...
    "Going into the game we hadn't played very well lately. That was the focus, not so much on Wisconsin, but more about us to see if we could, not necessarily play up to potential, but get better. I thought we did that this afternoon. I thought our defense bothered them, more so early in the first half than in the second half. They were more aggressive penetrating the gaps with (Michael) Flowers and (Alando) Tucker. At the end of the game, they have been in those situations because they have an experienced team out there. We had a few things that we missed which might have changed things around. There were a couple of easy baskets we should have had. (Kammron Taylor) missed with about 20 second left, and we had three guys around the ball with the score 52-50. If you get the ball, you have it with 19 seconds left down two in your place. Right to the end, again they get the offense rebound. (Wisconsin) is a good team and well coached. They kept their cool and handled the situation on the road."

    On Jeff Ryan stepping into the starting lineup...
    "I thought Jeff (Ryan) would do well in this game. They are a big team. In the past what they have done is start the big team and then go small against us. They did that again today. They took (Jason) Chappell out after a little bit and went small. I thought the matchup was good for him and people would have a hard time staying in front of him. He got some drives knifing to the basket and I thought it was a pretty good effort on his part."

    On Wisconsin's defense in the second half...
    "I don't know if they did anything different in particular (to stop Jeff Ryan). I think they just said, 'Guard that boy.' Also, I thought Kammron (Taylor) did a good job on Craig Moore. There are set plays we run to spring him, but Taylor was right there on him. (Taylor) didn't lose focus defensively; sometimes that can happen."



    On Kevin Coble's injury...
    "It didn't seem like that bad a sprain. He was having a hard time cutting though. I am not optimistic that he will be available on Wednesday."

    On the difference in halves for Alando Tucker...
    "He is a good player and he took it upon himself to get in there. In the first half it seemed like he was more cautious. It also seemed like we got tired too. We were down six at the end of the first half and got some steals real fast to get back in the game. He is just a good player and I think he said to himself, 'I am not going to let this happen.'"

    Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

    On Alando Tucker's play in the second half...
    "Alando (Tucker) was finding the seams a little better. You can practice what a Northwestern does, what any team does, but a team and the reads are always going to be a little different. I know teams practice against our offense and our man-to-man defense, but until you face it with people that are used to going at the pace, the defense sets the pace. In the first half Alando was a step behind on his reads of open areas, cuts, and short corners. He finally figured out separation and gaps. Those are things you can talk about, but until the defense gets out there and does what they do, it's a chess match and you have to be ready to counter."

    On turnovers...
    "If one guy does it, it's contagious. You need better reads from your passers. You have to be like an amoeba on offense, changing and doing different things. You may be used to playing a team where you are used to looking at a 5-foot square area like I was saying earlier, but when you play against a team that moves like they do that has different reads and bumps that they cover, passing-wise you need to look for a 10-foot radius. What might look like it is open isn't actually open because a guy is coming in. We have been dealing with matchup zones and other types of defenses, but right here, Northwestern does that as well as anybody. But you have to be patient and go through the rough spots. Last year we got into the same situation, but we did not respond the same way. We are a year older and guys figured a few things out. Our experience paid off."