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    Jan. 6, 2007

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    Michigan vs. Northwestern

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement...
    "I thought we ran our offense really well in the first half. The fact the game was tied was disappointing to us. I thought we should have had three or four other baskets in there, but they blocked a bunch of shots on plays that we executed well. In the second half their defense tightened up. We didn't score for a long time at the end of the game. You have to give them credit for being on top our offense a little bit better. We have to make shots for us to win and we weren't. If you take away those last two shots at the end of the game, our 3-point shooting was bad. It was not good enough for us to beat a team like Michigan. The other key was rebounds. It was probably even in the first half, or we out-rebounded them. In the second half they just killed us on the boards. We stopped them two or three times in a row but then they got second shots. It just killed us."

    On whether or not his team lacked energy in the second half...
    "I kept putting new guys in there so I don't know about that. (Michigan) is a pretty physical team, and you have to give them credit for wearing us down a little. You have to remember it isn't always about you. You are playing five other guys out there. I thought (Michigan) did a nice job. Our looks weren't quite as good in the second half. Shot blocking is a major factor. There were about five or six times in the second half where they took a lay-up away from us. It is an important part of this game."

    On how Michigan attacked the Northwestern 1-3-1 zone...
    "They were trying to screen-in the wings and did a pretty effective job of that. (Dion) Harris at the end of the first half began to penetrate a little bit more. He was jumping in the air against the 1-3-1 and finding some guys. (Reed Baker) was finding where he could go to get the ball and knocking a few down."

    On Michigan's shot blocking...
    "(Jeff) Ryan did the correct thing at the end of the game; he just got the ball and went up. If you give them those little eyebrow fakes, they aren't going for it. If one does, then the next guy will block it. You have to attack and go into their body a little bit. We were trying to shy away from them instead."

    Michigan head coach Tommy Amaker

    Opening statement
    "Obviously, we are excited. Any time you can get a conference win, let alone a road win, you're very excited. Our locker room is an excited locker room. I thought they played with a great deal of poise and passion throughout this game. We recognized how difficult it was going to be coming in here against the Wildcats, knowing that they dropped a tough one at Penn State. We know how the road can be. I think they're headed on the road right after this game in terms of their next conference game so we recognized how difficult it was going to be today. I can't say enough about Tim Doyle. I had a chance to coach him in the Big Ten Foreign Tour this summer. Quite a spirited player-he plays with a great deal of energy and passion and his passing is tremendous. I was just really pleased for our team, how we had different lineups, different combinations. A kid like Reed Baker, giving us the kind of minutes and production that he was able to give us this afternoon was tremendous for a freshman player. Epke Udoh, another freshman player. I just thought we had great contributions throughout our team. Dion Harris was the catalyst for us in a lot of ways because he handled the ball for us the entire game and only turned it over once, had eight assists. And ordinarily I think he's going to score better but I thought his floor game and defense were tremendous."

    On the second half defense...
    "We certainly talked about how the second half was going to be a game for the taking for either team and whatever team would dig in, maybe a little bit more, could possibly muster out a victory. I thought that we played tremendously defensively but I've certainly been around long enough to know that they missed some shots that ordinarily they're going to make. We were a little fortunate in certain areas, but I do like the energy that we played with defensively. We mixed up our defenses a little bit to see if we could take away any rhythm that they may have on the offensive end. We certainly know that that's a team that relies on their rhythm to perform on the offensive end. I thought that at times changing things would hopefully disjoint them a little bit. If it did, I'm not sure, but that was the goal.

    On Michigan's shot-blocking...
    "We had six. We've been a pretty good shot-blocking team. Sometimes I wait to watch the film because I don't get too excited because sometimes the shot-blocking is the result of a poor defensive play somewhere else. But certainly, if we can negate buckets around the rim, around the basket, by blocking a shot, certainly we'll take it and try to correct it later."

    On preparing for the game...
    "We felt obviously, coming off of our home opener, we were excited about that and coming in here for our conference road opener. I thought our kids came in with a great deal of concentration and being prepared. That goes and speaks well for our seniors. I think they've been leaders in these two conference games in a lot of different areas and we're certainly counting on them to continue doing that."