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    Northwestern vs. Michigan Quotes



    Jan. 3, 2013

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    Northwestern vs. Michigan
    Walsh-Ryan Arena
    Jan. 3, 2013
    Postgame Quotes

    Northwestern Head Coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement...
    "We got off to such a horrible start - 10-nothing - and we weren't able to stop the entire evening. I think what we have to do as a staff is coach the young guys, coach all of them, and we just have to improve ourselves and get better at everything. We have to coach them hard, practice, and see if we can do better than we did tonight. I think some of older guys have to work - we've been telling them the last few days of practice since we came back from the holidays, it's on the older guys. What the younger guys give us is going to be gravy, and we had about five young guys out there. It's hard, but Alex and Dave, and when Reggie comes back, they're going to be the ones that make us win. Their work in practice is going to have to rub off on some of the younger guys so they can get better individually and improve as a team. We might have to change the way we play, just slow it down a little bit. The last four or five years we've been going up and down the court scoring a lot, and we shot the ball quickly because we had the team to do that. Right now, I don't know if that's the case, so we might have to just change things a little bit."

    On going back to the slow-down game of his earlier years...
    "I don't know if I ever played slow-down, but I just know that we can't go up and down the way we have been. Again, you have to go back to your older guys and make sure they recognize and try to play to win. Especially tonight, I should have probably done it for this game, but we've been down without Reggie [Hearn]. We should have held things out a little bit more, more high post stuff."

    On Reggie and his return...
    "He hasn't practiced in two weeks since he sprained his ankle, though he was shooting around today. We can try him out tomorrow and see if maybe he'll be ready for Sunday."

    On the younger guys facing a team like Michigan...
    "I think it's good, and I hope it helps. We're going to play them more and more, and it's a great team, but our guys play 20 or 25 minutes. Kale and Alex [Olah] got in there a few times today, we set them up and they have to finish these things. Alex [Olah] was 4 for 8 in the first half, so he made half of his lay-ups, but I think he'll get better."