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    Men's Soccer


    • Movement patterns are assessed and deficiencies are identified and corrected, using corrective exercises before proceeding to more advanced training protocols.
    • Progressive routines are implemented to ensure core and posterior chain strength is adequate to support the movements required by the sport.
    • Strength, speed and power are developed using free weight movements, such as Olympic movements, multi joint power movements, and plyometrics.
    • The latest evidence-based speed development methods are used to increase linear speed, acceleration, deceleration and agility.
    • The Performance Staff focuses on developing sport specific strength and speed that translates into improved performance on the field or court.
    • Mental toughness is trained through strict discipline and challenging obstacles that student-athletes must overcome individually and in team settings.
    • We will strive be leaders in the industry, providing exemplary service to our student-athletes along with being at the forefront in current advances in the sports performance field.
    In the Sport Performance Department the focus is on developing the complete athlete using proven scientific methods and innovations to give each athlete the best training. The Sport Performance staff is constantly evolving with the changing demands of today's sports to help ensure the athletes stay healthy and perform at their peak potential.

    The Sports Performance staff works closely with the Sports Medicine Staff to enhance injury prevention and return to play exercise. Discussions between the staffs take place on a daily basis in which the needs of each athlete are reviewed and a plan is developed to minimize the risk of injury and to decrease the time away from competition. The Sports Performance Staff collaborates with the Sports Dietician on the nutritional needs of the student-athletes.

    The Sports Performance Facility is the epicenter for the student-athlete's physical development. It provides student-athletes the opportunity to train in a facility dedicated to their success and with equipment in place for the sole purpose of improving athletic performance. In addition, these student-athletes have access to a Sports Performance staff dedicated to providing them the support to reach their peak physical development.