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    Sports Performance Athlete of the Month Archive

    OCTOBER 2014

    APRIL 2014

    Abbie Kraus (Volleyball)
    Kraus, a defensive specialist on the volleyball team, has demonstrated stellar consistency and an unwavering positivity during training sessions. A definite standout in the sports performance facility, Kraus not only works hard to get better but also constantly pushes her teammates to the next level. According to sports performance coach Joe Nudo, "Kraus's energy is contagious. She sets an incredible example through her purposeful execution and creates an environment in which giving great effort is the only option."

    Pierce Harger (Wrestling)
    Harger is absolutely committed to excellence. The Loveland, Ohio native consistently pushes himself and his teammates past complacency. His determination, positive attitude, and sheer athleticism are awe-inspiring. According to sports performance coach Joe Nudo, "He has completely bought into our program and creates quite an upbeat competitive energy in the sports performance facility. I truly look forward to his further development and future successes, because they are hard earned and well deserved."

    MARCH 2014

    Hana Lee (Women's Golf)
    "Hana winning this award is a culmination of a few years of work," according to Assistant Director of Sports Performance Mike Schweigert. "Hana brings high energy to early morning workouts, has a great personality, and motivates her teammates to give their best." Schweigert witnessed Lee's transformation from "an athlete who came in hesitant and skeptical of the work done in the performance facility" to someone who, "through steady progress, has transformed herself into a confident and competent athlete." Lee's energy as a leader in the performance facility has transferred over to improved performance on the golf course, winning the Big Ten's Golfer of the Week award three times in her young career, and just most recently taking home co-medalist honors at the 2014 Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic by matching a program record with a 6-under 66 score. "Hana is just one of those fun athletes that any coach loves to work with," said Schweigert.

    Men's Soccer
    The Men's Soccer team has excelled not just this month but also the entire winter quarter. They have shown accountability and passion for improving and understanding the value of being strong. Every week, they embraced getting under the bar to squat and did an excellent job adapting to some new programming ideas. They pushed each other to add weight, go faster, or go harder each day. "This group of men have a desire to control their destiny in the fall. They understand that success in the fall starts with a commitment to be strong in the winter, spring and summer. They are a great group to coach and to witness this commitment first-hand has been one of my most enjoyable moments as a coach," Pullara said. Current members of the soccer team were recently honored by the Big Ten Conference, including forward Joey Calistri, named to the All-Big Ten First Team and Nikko Boxall, named to the All-Big Ten Second Team. Midfielder Brandon Medina was a unanimous selection to the All-Freshman Team.

    FEBRUARY 2014

    Savannah Paffen (Volleyball)
    Paffen demonstrates a unique combination of consistent effort and leadership. Having made significant gains this off-season, she never seemed to forget about the big picture - the team. According to sports performance coach Joe Nudo, "Paffen's work ethic and positive attitude is contagious. She sets a wonderful example and verbally leads in a very conducive manner. Humble Savannah won't be the first to tell you, but she has played a tremendous role in her team's success this offseason."

    Margo McGinty (Women's Soccer)
    Margo McGinty has a great uplifting attitude and is always trying to find a way to get better. This is evident from the vast improvement she has made between her freshman and sophomore year in how she has changed physically by becoming stronger and more powerful. Sports performance coach Tyler Jorgensen said, "Margo is a fun spirit to be around and is always ready to compete at a high level and find a way to help the team get better. Great work, Margo!"

    JANUARY 2014

    Monica McGreal (Volleyball)
    Monica McGreal, the volleyball team's 2013-14 recipient of the Margie Fitzpatrick Iron Will Award for demonstrating strong leadership and outstanding work ethic, brings a positive attitude and blue collar work ethic to everything she does. A consummate leader during training sessions, the junior outside hitter has been a wonderful example for the underclassmen. According to sports performance coach Joe Nudo, "McGreal can be described with one word - energy. Whether it's during running workouts or lifting in the sport performance facility, she's always pushing herself and her teammates. She always seems to have a smile on her face and something positive to say to her fellow volleyball players."

    Jack Quigley (Baseball)
    Jack Quigley has demonstrated unparalleled leadership, loyalty and work ethic befitting his role as senior captain of the baseball team. He holds himself and his teammates to high standards in the weight room, on the field, and in the classroom. "Quigs, appropriately nicknamed the stallion, brings a no-nonsense approach to each training session. He loves to push his physical limits, does everything that is asked of him to the best of his ability, and expects his teammates to do the same," said sports performance coach Joe Nudo.

    DECEMBER 2013

    Julianne Kurke (Women's Swimming)
    Julianne Kurke approaches every workout with intensity. According to Sports Performance intern Tristan Thomas, Kurke is a person of few words but her performance speaks volumes. "She pushes herself to the limit and has no fear of failure. Whether it's a barbell glute bridge or a weighted pull-up, she loads up and performs the exercise with precision. Her champion attitude and energy is very influential to her teammates and motivates them to give their best."

    Tim Smith (Men's Swimming)
    Tim Smith sets the tone each day by helping his team focus on the goals for the workout. "Tim's contributions in establishing a higher level of focus and reminding his teammates what they are attempting to accomplish are invaluable," said Sports Performance graduate assistant coach Justin Blatner. "He has made significant improvements in the pool and the performance facility through his efforts, leaving a major impact on his teammates."

    NOVEMBER 2013

    Nancy Dunbar (Lacrosse)
    Dunbar made significant contributions on the lacrosse team as a freshman, playing in 21 of 22 games and earning nine assists as the Wildcats sought its eighth NCAA championship last season. "Nancy is a quiet worker and is constantly looking to improve in all aspects of her training. Her consistency each day is a stabilizing factor for her and her teammates. Nancy's attitude is exactly what we have been looking for during this off-season, a staunch effort during every workout and grasping every opportunity she has to compete and win. She is fearless in her approach and expects the best out of herself during every rep," Pullara said.

    Joe Hoscheit (Baseball)
    Hoscheit, a true freshman on the baseball team, has yet to play a game as a Wildcat but has already exhibited the same discipline and hard work that helped him earn honors as team captain and team MVP in baseball and football in high school. "Joe is naturally gifted and extremely hard working. He consistently pushes himself and his teammates out of their comfort zones. His determination, positive attitude and work ethic are simply awe-inspiring," Assistant Director of Sports Performance Joe Nudo said. "Joe is just getting started. As a freshman, he has already raised the bar for the other position players."

    OCTOBER 2013

    Anna Edwards (Softball)
    Edwards, a junior on the softball team, earned the honor for bringing the complete package when training and practicing, even with softball's regular season months away in February. "Anna is a tremendous worker. She has consistently displayed a high level of performance both in the sports performance facility and on the playing field. She is the first in line and always ready to go. Her mental toughness and great work ethic that speaks of great leadership is contagious to her teammates," said sports performance coach Tyler Jorgensen.

    Jameson Oster (Wrestling)
    "Oster pushes himself and his teammates past complacency with intensity and determination in his training and conditioning. He executes his training with purpose, rivaled by a few in the collegiate setting," said Pullara of the junior wrestler. "Whether he knows it or not, he's played a major role in his team's offseason success. Jameson is one of the most consistent and dedicated athletes I've ever been around," added sports performance coach Joe Nudo.

    SEPTEMBER 2013

    Courtney Dumas (Women's Fencing)
    It is obvious that Courtney was committed to her training this summer, and she has continued to excel during team workouts this month. Wanting to make this season special, she has committed to doing extra workouts to ensure that she is in the best possible shape.

    "Courtney has an inner drive that truly sets her apart, she is a consistent worker with the desire for continued improvement," said graduate assistant sports performance coach Justin Blatner. Courtney's effort did not go unnoticed, as multiple members of the sports performance staff noticed her purposeful and directed effort.

    Drew Crawford (Men's Basketball)
    Drew is a red-shirt senior basketball player, and he is our first ever two-time recipient of the award. He missed his senior season while sitting out due to shoulder surgery, and while the road to recovery was not easy, Drew was determined to come back better than before. He hit PR marks in all tested categories, finishing with the best numbers on the team in the vertical jump, hang power clean, and squat. For his accomplishments, he was awarded the first ever performance award specific to men's basketball: the "Swolly Grail."

    According to sports performance coach Mike Schweigert, "Drew was committed even before he went in for surgery that he would have an impact year when he got back. His daily actions in the performance facility and on the basketball court affirm his commitment. His attitude and work ethic did not waiver, and he is primed for a big year as we head into basketball season. Drew's impact on the team will be felt long after he is gone due to the example he sets for the underclassmen."

    MAY 2013

    Devon Brookshire (Women's Basketball)
    After completing her freshman season, Brookshire's coaches presented a few sports performance challenges for her to attack during the off season. She is off to a remarkable start this spring, adding three inches to her vertical.

    "Beyond the results she is seeing from her hard work Devon is a lot of fun to work with," Sports Performance Coach Katie Fort said. " She shows up every day and gives 100 percent while always sporting a positive attitude. Devon understands that her hard work helps the team and that in order to get where they want to go, no one can take a day off. As a freshman she sets an example of investment and attitude."

    Mike McMullan (Wrestling)
    Mike McMullan is absolutely committed to excellence. McMullan consistently pushes himself and his teammates past complacency. His determination, positive attitude, and sheer athleticism are awe-inspiring.

    "Mike's success on the mat is not simply a product of his natural talent," Sports Performance Coach Joe Nudo said. "He made it his mission to put on the size and strength necessary to be competitive as a heavyweight at the highest level. I truly look forward to his further development and future successes, because they are hard earned and well deserved."

    APRIL 2013

    Tina Umanskiy (Fencing)
    Tina has been a great teammate this spring as fencing began their off-season training. Tina encourages others on the team, always attempting to help those around her improve. "Her presence adds to the overall training atmosphere and experience of the team," said Assistant Sports Performance Coach Justin Blatner. "The other women on the team seem to build off the energy she brings to their morning workouts."

    In addition, Tina has assisted the captains when it came to organizing the team and making sure they was prepared for and on tasks for workouts. Her attitude and effort toward helping her team start their preparation for next year's season exemplified her as the sports performance athlete of the month.

    Dave Sobolewski (Men's Basketball)
    Dave "Sobo" Sobolewski has really stepped up his leadership qualities. On the court, a point guard is a "floor general" and has to direct others. Sobolewski has taken that role and carried it to all aspects of the program. He leads in the locker room, class room, and especially in the performance facility. He embraces the idea of being a complete athlete by dialing in proper nutrition and adequate recovery methods. Sobolewski works hard to influence his teammates in a similar fashion and share what he learns. He often is on the court or in the performance facility doing extra training, and he usually brings one or two teammates with him.

    "Sobo has been instrumental in the transition with Coach Collins and his new staff. He bought in to the new mindset from day one, worked hard on his own personal areas of improvement, and stepped up as to lead his teammates in the performance facility," Sports Performance Coach Mike Schweigert said. "Sobo is in the best shape of his career and still has room to improve. Off the court he is known as "Sobo", but In the weight room his nick name is `Swolebo' - he attacks workouts with a fierce mindset and it is a great example for the underclassmen."

    MARCH 2013

    Kristin Wirtz (Field Hockey)
    Wirtz, a redshirt sophomore, brings a positive attitude each and every day to the Sports Performance Facility and Trienens Indoor facility. Besides being one of the strongest student-athletes on the Field Hockey team, Kristin is very encouraging with all of her teammates and works to bring out the best in them.

    "Kristin has dealt with many challenges throughout her career but through each set back she continues to persevere with an optimistic approach and an incredible vigor for success. Working with student-athletes like Kristin is why Northwestern is such a special place," Pullara said.

    Tyler Miller (Men's Soccer)
    Miller, a sophomore and starting goalkeeper for the Cats over the last two seasons has overcome some setbacks this off-season. "He was limited by an injury over the past two months but he continued to persevere with a positive attitude and a work ethic that showed a real sense of urgency to be back on the field with his teammates," said sports performance coach Justin Blatner.

    Many athletes would not have responded to this adversity with this same attitude or effort. Tyler has been a very motivated individual who consistently inquires for direction on what he can do to improve. His attitude and effort this month was a great example for responding to an injury or limitation and his desire to play at the next level is evident during every workout.

    FEBRUARY 2013

    Nandi Mehta (Women's Soccer)
    Nandi is an extreme competitor who brings an attitude of hard work and determination to every workout, something you would expect more out of an upper classman and not a freshman. Nandi has been a great source of leadership for her team not with her words but with her work ethic. "Nandi is the type of athlete that when she steps on the field or in the performance facility she has the look in her eyes that says she will give it everything she has to help her team win." Great work Nandi!

    Peter Beasley (Men's Soccer)
    A sophomore native of Naperville, Ill., Peter exemplifies work ethic. He has made major improvements since the beginning of his freshman year which he has continued during off season training this month. February is an important time for training when the team gets a chance to spend more time in the weight room with a break between the fall and spring seasons.

    Peter's presence is not that of the typical leader on the team. "He is one of the quieter guys in the room as his teammates will attest. However his hard work and focus does not go unnoticed by the other members of his team," said sports performance coach Justin Blatner. "That quiet but noticeable presence adds value to the team and the training environment."

    JANUARY 2013

    Katie Wooliver (Women's Golf)
    When Northwestern Women's Golf head coach Emily Fletcher added Katie Wooliver to the team in 2011, she characterized the Ohio native as someone who "possesses all the qualities we value and I know she will be a terrific representative of our program and our University."

    "Having the privilege to coach Katie as a sports performance coach, it becomes more and more evident why Coach Fletcher would sing such praises after each successive workout," performance intern Tom Schneider said. "Some student-athletes across the country begrudge the 7 a.m. workout, but Katie thrives in the early morning knowing it's another chance to get better. Some student-athletes need a little nudge to get them rolling, Katie needs traffic lights to get her to stop from going and going. Her attitude, spirit, and effort are infectious and elevate her team to new levels in the performance facility."

    Trevor Stevens (Baseball)
    A true leader both on and off the field, Stevens consistently pushes himself and his teammates past complacency. His intensity, determination and purposeful execution is awe-inspiring and rivaled by very few in the collegiate setting.

    "Trevor is one of the most determined and dedicated athletes I've ever been around. Acting as a team captain, he's played a major role in his team's offseason success," sports performance coach Joe Nudo said.

    DECEMBER 2012

    Alicia Gurrieri (Women's Fencing)
    Alicia is a senior sabre fencer. This fall she stepped up as one of the team's three captains. She has showed an exceedingly consistent desire to motivate and push her teammates to a higher level. Alicia is always the first to encourage her teammates when they are struggling during their morning workouts. She is a major asset to the program both as a fencer but also within Sports Performance."The first impression in the fall was that she wanted to help her team be successful. This passion for success has not waivered once since that first day. She is accountable no matter how her week is going," Blatner said.

    Charlie Rimkus (Men's Swimming)
    Charlie Rimkus has been a great leader for his teammates this month. He comes to every workout with a positive attitude even when he is tired and beat from two grueling practices that day. He is a distance swimmer who competes with the sprinters in the Sports Performance Facility. He was named Big Ten Swimmer of the Week after his performance at the TYR Invitational this fall."He is an extremely humble and respectful individual who pushes not only himself to excel, but his teammates around him. Over the month both on training trip [in Mission Viejo, Calif.] and here in Evanston, he was constantly one step ahead. Charlie made sure guys knew where they needed to be while in Mission Viejo and during lifts he would make sure he and his teammates were always working," Sport Performance Coach Justin Blatner said.

    NOVEMBER 2012

    Olivia Duehr (Softball)
    Olivia is an extremely hardnosed competitor who brings her "A" game every day. She rises to the occasion in every difficult situation presented to her in the sports performance facility or on the field. Olivia is very passionate about putting in the extra time and doing to whatever it takes to become a better athlete to help her team and in doing so, she provides a great example for her teammates, who feed off of her great work ethic. Said Jorgensen: "Olivia is somebody who you want to have on your side when you go into battle because in tough situations you are going to get a great attitude and an enormous amount of energy to help win games."

    Spencer Wolf (Men's Tennis)
    Spencer is a great worker always trying to find ways to get better. He is a very spirited competitor who provides great leadership for his teammates by pushing them to be the best they can be and encouraging them to train at a high level. Said Sports Performance coach Tyler Jorgensen: "Spencer has been a tremendous leader for this program and has help set the tone for a great work ethic in men's tennis program. Great work Spencer!"

    OCTOBER 2012

    Mari Majam (Softball)
    Majam is an extreme competitor and a gamer on and off the field. Majam always rises to the occasion in challenging situations. She is a tremendous leader, and, although quiet in nature, Majam leads by example by demonstrating great effort in every rep and everything she does which allows her teammates to feed off of her energy.

    "With Mari you know what you're going to get every day: great work ethic and a determined attitude to meet any challenge," said Sports Performance Coach Tyler Jorgensen. "Great work, Mari!"

    Zach Morton (Baseball)
    Absolutely committed to excellence, Morton consistently pushes himself and his teammates past complacency. His determination, positive attitude and sheer athleticism are simply awe-inspiring. According to sports performance coach Joe Nudo: "Zach is not only one of the most gifted athletes I've ever coached, his positive attitude is quite infectious. Humble Morty won't be the first one to tell you, but he has been a major player in his team's success this offseason."

    SEPTEMBER 2012

    Taylor Reynolds (Women's Swimming)
    A leader both in the pool and the classroom, Taylor has shown a tremendous work ethic in her tenure at Northwestern. As an integral part of the Women Swimming team, she has captured numerous awards including CSCAA Scholar All-America and ranks as one of the top swimmers in NU History. According to Performance Coach Derek Sulo: "Her drive and passion for the sport are admirable and contagious, but her will to bring others along with her is what makes this Wildcat a special athlete."

    Raleigh Smith (Men's Tennis)
    Raleigh is a great competitor and team leader who brings a no-nonsense workman type of attitude to workouts. Not only does Raleigh encourage his teammates to work harder, but he has also vastly improved his own overall performance on the court by making great strides in his ability to produce force and power and improving his movement efficiency. Assistant Director Tyler Jorgensen says: "Raleigh has put in a tremendous amount of time and hard work this off-season and is a great example of what a competitor should be."

    APRIL 2012

    Stephanie Holthus (Women's Volleyball)
    Holthus will be a junior next fall and has been a valuable member of her team since the day she stepped on campus. She enjoys being a college athlete and embraces the hard work that it takes to be successful. She has a lighthearted, carefree personality which makes her approachable to her young team, but when it's time to work, she is all business and expects the same from her team.

    Sports Performance Coach Katie Fort says: "Steph is a great athlete who always looks forward to getting better. She doesn't need to be persuaded. If a workout might make her a better volleyball player she only asks 'when and where?' That attitude sets a great example for her teammates. Steph has battled through a nagging foot injury and dedicated her full attention to unconventional workouts. Now, fully healthy and released, she has pushed herself hard out of the gates and is not satisfied with anything less than constant progress."

    Reggie Hearn (Men's Basketball)
    For Reggie to have a stand-out month, is saying something -- he very rarely brings anything less than full effort and intensity. Reggie is a former walk-on who through hard work earned a scholarship. On the court he prides himself on hustle and being the guy who guards the other team's best scorer, and that mindset transfers to his off the court demeanor as well. Earning a scholarship did not make Reggie complacent, but rather fueled his fire to out-work those around him and prove he belongs in the Big Ten.

    Sports Performance Coach Mike Schweigert says: "Reggie is the perfect example of hard work paying off. He embraced the weight room as a key part to his development -- and now as a senior he sets the best example for the young guys on how to attack workouts. He has a leadership voice on the team, and it's not simply because he is a senior -- it's because he shows up every day and out works everyone on the team."

    MARCH 2012

    Katie Landgrebe (Women's Soccer)
    Katie is a tremendous worker and leader in the sports performance facility. She brings a great attitude each day and a high level of energy to workouts and practices. Katie has a great appreciation for what sports performance is all about and how the hard work that she puts in translates into exceptional soccer play. Katie was a top performer in all categories of pre-offseason testing.

    Sports Performance Coach Tyler Jorgensen says: "Katie showed great aspects of power, strength, quickness and acceleration which are all great attributes to perform at a high level on the soccer field, but most importantly it is the motivation and great work ethic that Katie has displayed throughout the year that has had such a great impact on her teammates." Great job Katie, keep up the good work!

    Scott Lakin (Men's Soccer)
    Scott Lakin is accustomed to success both on and off the field. As an Academic All-Big Ten player, Scott has always been one to put in the extra time to stay ahead. This same attitude and discipline has propelled him in the sports performance realm, finishing as one of the top performers this month. Scott hopes to carry over his successes in the weight room to the Spring Season.

    Sports Performance Coach Derek Sulo says: "Scott is a hard worker not some of the time, but all of the time. It takes a consistent effort to succeed in the Big Ten."

    FEBRUARY 2012

    Madalyn Shalter (Women's Volleyball)
    Shalter is a fifth-year senior and the captain of her team. She has always worked hard and has a great attitude. She has found herself in a leadership role many times in her career at NU, but has gone above and beyond this off-season in leading this young team. She sets a strong example of how her team should work in the Sports Performance facility and leads vocally as well. Shalter has seen many improvements in her strength and power and has worked hard to give herself the best chance to be successful on the volleyball court.

    Sports Performance Coach Katie Fortsays: "Maddy makes my job easier because she demands hard work and positive attitudes from her teammates. She has rightfully earned their respect and her passion for winning is inspiring. Leadership is imperative to any team being successful and Maddy's team is poised to have a great 2012 season."

    Nikko Boxall (Men's Soccer)
    Boxall was an integral part of this year's Big Ten Championship soccer team. An All-Big Ten second team and freshman team selection as well as a College Soccer NewsAll-Freshman second team choice, Boxall is no stranger to hard work.

    Performance Coach Derek Sulo says: "His discipline and attitude propel him not only on the field but off of it as well. As a dedicated team leader, Nikko is a top performer in the Sports Performance Facility. The soft-spoken freshman looks to carry his successes from last season as the men's soccer team transitions from a productive off-season program into their spring season."

    JANUARY 2012

    Kara Mupo (Women's Lacrosse)
    Kara is a sophomore who has really embraced what the sports performance staff can do for her lacrosse game. She consistently pushes herself and her teammates to get better and routinely organizes extra workouts with her teammates. She has shown tremendous improvements, gaining two inches on her vertical, 10 pounds on her bench and nearly doubling her chin-ups from four to seven compared to her testing from last year. She also took nearly a tenth of second off of her pro agility shuttle from 5.00 to a 4.91.

    "Kara is an exceptional athlete and the confidence she gained last season has transferred into her off-season and pre-season training," Pullara said. "Even as a sophomore she has proven to be a leader among her teammates, making those around her better. I could not be more excited for Kara and her teammates heading into lacrosse season."

    Eric Chun (Men's Golf)
    Eric is one of our most gifted athletes at NU; his strength and power levels are some of the best from any golfer at NU. Those combined with his flexibility and mobility puts Eric at another level in the performance facility and on the course. This is evident from Eric's performances over the past three years which include a Big Ten individual championship, the Big Ten Freshmen of the Year award and numerous top-10 finishes.

    "Eric is consistently looking to improve and leads his team by example," said Mike Schweigert, Assistant Director of Sports Performance. "He is soft spoken but it is impossible to ignore his work ethic. His effort in the sports performance facility and at practice has certainly led to his successes."

    DECEMBER 2011

    Jackie Powell (Women's Swimming)
    Jackie Powell is one of the strongest and most powerful athletes on the NU Women's swimming team. She has excelled in the swimming sport performance program by bringing a relentless intensity to every workout. She leads by example and is a great teammate. Sports Performance Coach Rickey Jackson says: "Jackie has sought out additional work to do from her sport staff which has shown to be beneficial judging by her excellent performance in the pool. As a sophomore she has proven to understand the significance of our performance program at NU and took the initiative to be a leader in the Sports Performance Facility."

    Drew Crawford (Men's Basketball)
    The December male Sports Performance Athlete of the Month is junior basketball player Drew Crawford. Drew was the Big Ten Freshmen of the Year during his first season, but has never let that accolade limit his development. Instead he has used it a motivating factor and is now a top five performer in all strength and power categories for the team. According to sports performance coach Mike Schweigert: "Drew was a solid natural athlete who has developed into one of the best all-around athletes in the Big Ten. However, his physical improvements alone are not what makes him a stand-out. He has taken a leadership role in both in the Sports Performance Facility and on the court -- leading with both words and actions. His growth from a physical, mental and leadership standpoint make him a driving force in the rise of the Men's Basketball Program."

    NOVEMBER 2011

    Sammy Albanese (Softball)
    Sammy Albanese brings a high level of energy to workouts, is a great team player and her teammates feed off of that energy and positive attitude. There rarely is a challenge that she cannot perform in workouts. Sammy always goes above and beyond what is required of her. Performance Coach Tyler Jorgensen says this about Albanese: "Sammy is one of the most explosive athletes that I have worked with at any level. She characterizes what it means to be a team player." The work ethic that she brings everyday was evident in the improvement and gains she made throughout the fall improving in all of the categories of softball testing this fall. Great Job Sammy!!!

    Kyle Ruchim (Baseball)
    The November male sports performance athlete of the month is sophomore baseball player, Kyle Ruchim. Absolutely committed to excellence, Ruchim consistently pushes himself and his teammates past complacency. His intensity, determination and purposeful execution is awe-inspiring and rivaled by very few in the collegiate setting. According to sports performance coach Joe Nudo: "Kyle is one of the most determined and dedicated athletes I've ever been around. Whether he knows it or not, he's played a major role in his team's offseason success."

    OCTOBER 2011

    Brittany Orban (Women's Basketball)
    Brittany Orban is a basketball player for the Wildcats and is just starting her senior season. Brittany has made herself at home here at Northwestern coming from North Canton, Ohio. She stands at 6-0 tall and is a true physical specimen who puts second thoughts in the minds of opponents contemplating taking a charge from her. She understands how her work in the sports performance center can help her game on the court and she takes full advantage of her time there. Brittany has developed her strength and power over the years and turns in numbers that compete with the best of the best here at Northwestern. Brittany's work ethic is highly respected by her teammates and her coaches and she can always be counted on to give 100% effort.

    "Brittany goes above and beyond for me," Sports Performance Coach Katie Fort said. "She is determined to pull every ounce of potential out of her body. She sets an example of hard work."

    Alex Polizzi (Wrestling)
    The October male sports performance athlete of the month is Redshirt Freshman wrestler and Beloit, Wis., native, Alex Polizzi. Already having spent a significant amount of time training in high school, Alex came to Northwestern with a base level of physical ability far exceeding the typical collegiate athlete. Even still, Alex continually pushes himself out of his comfort zone to seek daily improvement for both himself and his teammates. According to sports performance coach, Joe Nudo: "Polizzi is truly respectful, extremely hard working and is always focused on purposeful execution of everything we do in the weight room. He's a sports performance coach's dream!"