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    Northwestern Athletic Communications

    Main phone: (847) 491-7503
    Fax: (847) 491-8818
    Mailing Address: 1501 Central Street, Evanston, IL 60208

    (NOTE TO HIGH SCHOOL PROSPECTS: Please contact our coaches directly if you are interested in pursuing your student-athlete experience at Northwestern. An email directory can be found here.)

    staff headshot Paul Kennedy
    Assistant AD/Director
    Football, Men's Soccer
    Direct: (847) 467-2028
    staff headshot Doug Meffley
    Director of Digital and Social Communications
    Men's Golf, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Webmaster
    Direct: (847) 491-3688

    staff headshot Nick Brilowski
    Associate Director
    Men's Basketball, Men's and Women's Tennis, Field Hockey
    Direct: (847) 467-3831
    staff headshot Scott Hammer
    Associate Director
    Football, Cross Country, Lacrosse
    Direct: (847) 491-8800
    staff headshot

    Betsy Golomski
    Assistant Director
    Women's Soccer, Women's Golf, Women's Basketball, Wrestling
    Direct: (847) 467-3274

    staff headshot Dan Yopchick
    Assistant Director
    Volleyball, Baseball, Fencing
    Direct: (847) 467-3418
    staff headshot Rob Coons
    Senior Director of Broadcast Operations
    Big Ten Network Liaison
    Direct: (847) 467-0443
    staff headshot Chris Simonson
    Assistant Director of Broadcast Operations
    Direct: (847) 467-4793
    staff headshot Jocelyn Serranilla
    Program Assistant
    Football and Basketball Credentials, Photo Requests
    Direct: (847) 491-7503