Women's Swimming and Diving Endowment Fund Mission

Our goal is to sustain and to strengthen the athletic prowess of Northwestern Swimming and Diving by building an endowment fund to enhance varsity swimming and diving operating budgets. This will ensure a further competitive swimming and diving program with stronger recruiting capabilities, more positive "world class" athletic experiences centered on both athletic and academic excellence and develop a culture of giving with all our swimming and diving alumni.

Matt Grevers Northwestern Endowment Video
Annual Booster Fund
Money given to the Booster Fund is used to bridge the gap between University funding and the program's actual expenses. These dollars are critical for the current functioning of the swimming program on a yearly basis.

Endowment Fund
Money donated to the Endowment Fund will preserve and enhance the future of the program. Future plans and updates for the campaign will be ongoing!


Big Ten Champion Andrea Hupman, '08:
"As a woman in engineering, I've been asked whether I've ever felt intimidated by all the men in the field. I never have. I have a strong sense of self and a belief that with enough perseverance and hard work, I can reach my goals. I credit my experience on the Northwestern swim team with cultivating this within me and believe the experience is invaluable. Northwestern swimming and diving prepares women to take on the world. That's why I support the endowment fund."

School-record holder Katie Braun, '09:
"Contributing to the endowment ensures that the Wildcat swimmers & divers of tomorrow will have the same opportunities for athletic, developmental and leadership success as their predecessors. Financially giving what you can today guarantees the stability of our legacy."

Lori Schwanhausser, '05:
"Northwestern swimming and my time as a Wildcat made such an impact on my life, so I'm thankful I can contribute to the endowment to ensure future Wildcats can have that experience and join our family of s'women! I'm excited to see the women's program continue to grow and flourish!"

Jenny Smatt, '96:
"Swimming, particularly my career at Northwestern, was such a special time in my life and one that I have grown to appreciate more over time. The discipline, the dedication, the friendships, the fun times and the life lessons were invaluable. For me, it's time to pay the benefits forward so that many more can experience what I was so fortunate to enjoy. It will take all of us, our time and what we are able to give financially to make it happen. I am honored to be a part of this initiative."

Online Giving Instructions (Write Women's Swimming Endowment Fund in "My Designation")

To donate via check, address the check to Northwestern University with the memo
"Women's Swimming Endowment Fund" and mail to:
Northwestern Women's Swimming and Diving
2311 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208