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    Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

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    The mission of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to serve as a vehicle to promote communication between the athletic administration and student-athletes at Northwestern by providing a student-athlete voice within the department, discussing issues and concerns, and providing feedback as necessary. SAAC also serves in a leadership role recruiting fellow student-athletes to serve the campus, Evanston, and the surrounding area through a variety of community service programs and events. Further, it is our privilege and responsibility to enhance the relationships between the Athletic Department and all other realms within Northwestern University.


    Co-presidents: Charlie Rimkus and Meredith Finsand
    Vice-president: Belinda Niu
    Secretary: Audrey Huth
    Community Relations Liaison: Fallon Fitzpatrick
    Big Ten Representatives: Belinda Niu, Tim Smith
    Team Representatives:2 per team


    Meetings are held in Annenberg Hall.


    SAAC meetings take place every two weeks. The start time alternates between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. The 7 p.m. meetings are open to all student-athletes. The 9 p.m. meetings are reserved for appointed SAAC reps.


    SAAC is a fantastic way to further strengthen the bonds within the student-athlete community. Through SAAC, athletes are granted a voice in the administration and receive opportunities to become involved in their community. SAAC helps athletes to develop skills whereby they can become even better leaders than they already are.


    Team Reps: Colby Everett, Cody Libman

    Basketball (men's):
    Team Rep: Reggie Hearn, Dave Sobolewski

    Basketball (women's):
    Team Reps: Meghan McKeown, Karly Roser

    Cross Country:
    Team Reps: Libby Kocha, Lauren Neuschel

    Team Reps: Katherine Kim, Kendrick Mooney

    Field Hockey:
    Team Reps: Kelsey Thompson, Julia Retzky

    Team Reps: Max Chapman, James Hall

    Golf (men's):
    Team Reps: John Callahan, Scott Smith

    Golf (women's):
    Team Reps: Mei Liu, Anne-Marie Ormson

    Team Reps: Amanda Macaluso, Kate MacDonald

    Soccer (men's):
    Team Reps: Connor Holloway, Peter Horner

    Soccer (women's):
    Team Reps: Anna Cassell, Kate Allen

    Team Reps: Olivia Duehr, Marisa Bast

    Swimming (men's):
    Team Reps: Charlie Rimkus, Tim Smith

    Swimming (women's):
    Team Reps: Megan Goss, Valerie Nubble

    Tennis (men's):
    Team Reps: Alberto Zanotti, Raleigh Smith

    Tennis (women's):
    Team Reps: Linda Abu-Mushrefova, Belinda Niu

    Team Reps: Hannah Crippen, Yewande Akanbi

    Team Reps: Mike McMullan, Jameson Oster