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    2014 Season Tickets – Frequently Asked Questions

    Key Dates

         March 28 - Season ticket renewal and relocation request deadline

         June 1 – Deadline to give your Wildcat Fund gift for 2014 football parking

         July 1 - Deadline to update your postal address

         Early Aug. - Season tickets are shipped via UPS

    What does the Ryan Field seating chart look like for the 2014 season?

    CLICK HERE for the updated seating chart for the upcoming season.

    Why are changes being made to the seating layout of Ryan Field?

    After each season, we have discussions with season ticket holders, alumni, students and our football team to evaluate the gameday experience. The changes for the upcoming season are reflective of the discussion with these groups and our commitment to enhancing the Ryan Field experience for our team and fans.

    Why is the student section being relocated?

    Our students are some of our most passionate fans and it is our goal to provide them with opportunities to have the best gameday experience possible. By repositioning the student section in the southeast corner of the stadium, our student body will be closer to the field of play, with better views of the action and video board, and be given increased opportunities for television exposure during which their passion for Northwestern will be on display to national television audiences.

    What is going to be done with the old student section?

    A portion of the seats will be allocated for new season ticket sales while the remaining portion will be utilized for visiting team fans.

    What has happened to the Young Alumni section?

    In an effort to also provide our Young Alumni with an improved gameday experience, Young Alumni are now welcome to purchase season tickets in any section (subject to availability) at a 20% discount. This change allows our Young Alumni the freedom to choose the seats that they want, be it closer to midfield, next to the student section or at the lowest price point in the end zone.

    Do I still have access to my same season ticket location?

    Only season ticket holders that had season ticket location in sections 111-114 and 135-136 will have to relocate. Fans in these affected sections will be contacted by their account executive to be relocated to a similar seating location within Ryan Field.

    Which sideline will Northwestern use this season?

    Both. In order to provide the team with as great a home-field advantage as possible, the team will be alternating sidelines this season based on competitive advantage (i.e. weather, time of game, etc.). Determination of which sideline the team will use for a given game will be made the week of the game.

    Will I be getting a paper renewal form?

    No, in an effort to be environmentally friendly in our business practices, Northwestern has transitioned all ticket renewals to an online process.

    How do I request an upgrade on my season ticket location?

    When fulfilling the online application for season tickets, purchasers will have the opportunity to request a change in seating location. If you make a request, an account executive will contact you in late spring/early summer to provide you with the best possible seating option in accommodating your request. Seat upgrade requests are reviewed once all seat renewals have been processed. Every effort to upgrade seats will be made but requests are not guaranteed. Any upgrades are based on availability and offered to customers in order of active Purple Points ranking.

    What happens if I do not renew before the deadline?

    Season ticket holders who do not renew before the deadline forfeit the right to their 2013 seat location. All efforts will be made to secure season ticket holders with comparable seating for 2014, however, seats cannot be guaranteed once the deadline passes.

    How can I change my address?

    Address changes must be done in writing by July 1, 2014. Please send address changes to your Account Executive or to . Please make sure to include the account holder name, both your present and previous address, phone number and email address. Changes made after July 1, 2014, may result in additional shipping charges.

    Do I need a ticket for a child?

    Big Ten Conference rules require that every person, regardless of age, must have a ticket to enter the stadium. Lap tickets are available only on the day of the game for children ages 2 and younger for $10 at the ticket office.

    When do I order my cushion chair backs?

    A separate email will be sent to all season ticket holders in late spring/early summer for season ticket holders to order their chair backs for the 2014 season.

    Can I order additional single-game tickets and/or tickets to away games?

    A separate email will be sent to all season ticket holders in late spring/early summer for season ticket holders to order additional single-game tickets and/or tickets to away games (subject to availability).

    How do I get a parking pass?

    All fans interested in football season parking must purchase a parking pass when renewing their season tickets. The only way to receive a parking pass is to purchase it.

    Can I order more than one parking pass?

    A maximum number of two passes can be requested, but only if you have six or more seats in your account or you give to the NU Wildcat Excellence Fund at the $6,000 level by June 1, 2014.

    What are the options for season parking passes?

    Season parking passes are available in the following lots. Tailgating is allowed unless otherwise noted.

    West Lot - Directly west of Ryan Field

    East Lot - Directly east of Ryan Field

    South Golf Lot - Two blocks east of Ryan Field off Central Street

    North Golf Lot – Two blocks east of Ryan Field off Isabella Street

    Covered Lot - Three blocks east of Ryan Field off Central Street - TAILGATING IS NOT PERMITTED

    Handicap Accessible Lot - Southwest and southeast corner immediately outside of Ryan Field NOTE: For handicap accessible parking only - A valid photocopy of your state issued placard or registration must be provided to the ticket office prior to June 1, 2014. The state issued placard (or plates) and the NU issued pass will be required for entry to the accessible parking areas. The authorized holder must be present when parking.

    How are season parking pass locations assigned?

    A limited number of parking passes are available each season. Availability of parking is determined by the number of requests received. All fans will be assigned parking based on the Tier system regardless of the number of years they have had season tickets. However, longtime season ticket holders will receive Purple Point bonuses according to the Wildcat Fund Purple Point system that will help their position within their Tier. Additional parking information can be found HERE.

    Is free parking available?

    Yes. Free parking is available in designated campus lots along with free shuttles to Ryan Field. We encourage you to take advantage of the Metra and/or CTA Purple line stops, each located within 2 blocks of Ryan Field. For more information CLICK HERE.

    How can I find out how many Purple Points and my Wildcat Fund Tier I have?

    Tier Level and Purple Point totals currently are being calculated for the 2014 football season. An updated statement will be sent in early spring prior to the June 1 donation deadline.

    Please contact your account executive if you have additional question or need more clarification. Call 888-GO-PURPLE (888-467-8775) and the extensions below to reach individual Account Executives.

    Amy Loch Senior Account Executive x 7847
    Courtney Magnuson Senior Account Executive x 0974
    Joel Childs Senior Account Executive x 7848
    Mike Zoller Senior Account Executive x 0969
    Bobby Baehr Account Executive x 0968
    Amy Bernstein Account Executive x 8015
    Keri Robison Account Executive x 0967
    Mark Treacy Account Executive x 0961