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    Northwestern Women's Swimming Endowment Campaign

    Mission Statement
    Our goal is to sustain and to strengthen the athletic prowess of Northwestern Swimming and Diving by building an endowment fund to enhance varsity swimming and diving operating budgets. This will ensure a further competitive swimming and diving program with stronger recruiting capabilities, more positive athletic experiences centered on both athletic and academic excellence and develop a culture of giving with all our swimming and diving alumni.

    NU Women's Program Establishes Endowment In Raising $50,000
    Northwestern Swimming and Diving held a successful Endowment Campaign kick-off event on January 21, 2012 at the Allen Center on campus. We hosted 120 administrators, coaches, alums, parents and friends for an evening of reflection, celebration and education. Through this initial fundraising effort, NU Women's Swimming and Diving raised $50,000 and is now an official university endowment. It is with true WILDCAT gratitude that we thank everyone who supported our initial efforts in raising $50,000. A BIG THANK YOU to:

    Ms. Holley Bellmund Mr. Daniel Campbell
    Ms. Marcia Cleveland Ms. Melissa Nott
    Ms. Deborah Dawson-Thomas Mr. Robert Dewar
    DMSI Software Dubin, Howard and Ursula Foundation
    Ms. Nichole Ellis Ms. Emily Ethington
    Mr. John and Margaret Fenn Mr. Kenneth and Kristine Fishman
    Ms. Carol Franczek Mr. Mark and Susan Gally
    Mr. Walter and Margaret Goss Mr. Robert Groseth
    Mr. Jeffrey and Susan Gumbiner Ms. Stephanie Hagstrom
    Ms. Barbara Harris Mr. Timothy and Bonnie Johnson
    Mr. Stanley Johnson Ms. Shannon Justice
    Ms. Simone Keel Law Offices of Veda Maniquis
    Mr. Heinz-Josef Lenz Mr. Adam Lewno
    Ms. Emily Maxwell Mr. Stephen McConahey
    Mr. Marc and Lynn Mestanas Mr. Gregory and Elizabeth Moerschel
    Mr. Brian and Aime Nickel Ms. Mary Nubbe
    Ms. Mary Olenak Ms. Paige Olson
    Mr. Brian and Karen Patterson Ms. Maria Petrig-Lenz
    Ms. Krista Puttler Mr. Charles and Laura Reynolds
    Mr. Sanford and Susan Sacks Mr. Matthew and Margaret Schuering
    Mr. Roger and Carol Schwanhausser Mr. William Selonick
    Mr. Michael and Heather Shaffer Ms. Gretchen Shaffer
    Ms. Mary Sheridan Ms. Katherine Smart
    Mr. Joseph and Stacy Soderholm Ms. Jessica Sourbeer
    Ms. Celia Sutherland Mr. Larry Thomas
    Ms. Suzanne Trupin Mr. Robert Wall
    Ms. Sona Wang Ms. Sarah Weersing
    Ms. Lisa Westfall Mr. Mont Wickham
    Mr. Bruce Wilson  

    NU Women Announce New "Captain's Club"
    In order to continue the growth of Endowment, our committee has charged itself to reach out and to receive 100% participation from our alumni group. For this to become a reality, we are unveiling our "Captain's Club" which includes all team captains on record through NU Women's Swimming and Diving history. Our "Captain's Club" members will reconnect with swimming alums to educate as to our Mission and to garner support.

    Online Giving Instructions (Write Women's Swimming Endowment Fund in "My Designation")

    To donate via check, address the check to Northwestern University with the memo "Women's Swimming Endowment Fund" and mail to:
    Jimmy Tierney
    2311 Campus Drive
    Evanston, IL 60208