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    Happy Holidays

    With another New Year beginning, here's an idea, think about and write down new things you want to accomplish this year. It might be time to try the art class you always wanted to join, go out for the summer sports team or learn an instrument. There are lots of exciting and unique adventures out there and now is the time to start. It is always fun finding a new activity or hobby you will soon love.

    Valentine's Day is upon us. Kids and parents there are a lot of creative ideas for Valentine's Day to be a healthier holiday. Try bringing fruits as your treat for your classmates. Attach fun sayings like "I am bananas for you" or "You are 'pear'fect." You can download more of these labels here. Parents try these healthier, fun heart shaped snacks for your kids to enjoy around the holiday: PB&J sandwich, brownie bites, and sweet-potato cheddar crackers.

    It is officially on its way to becoming warmer outside, spring will be here before we know it. It's time to start bringing out the bikes, skateboards and basketballs from inside the garage. Get your family together after school for a bike ride or a game of H-O-R-S-E on the basketball court. In the afternoons, meet your friends at the local park by your house to play tag, climb the monkey bars or swing on the swings. All of these activities are great ways to exercise in the springtime.