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    Jon Vegosen
    Jon Vegosen

    Contemporary Era:
    2011 Inductee

    A former varsity team captain and a member of the Big Ten's all-conference squad in 1973, Jon Vegosen has remained a leading tennis advocate for much of his adult life. Currently serving a two-year term as chairman of the board and president of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), his duties also include serving as a member of the Compensation and International Committees as well as representing the USTA on the Grand Slam Committee and the ITF Constitutional Committee.

    Jon began working locally in Chicagoland with the Chicago District Tennis Association (CDTA). He served on its Board of Directors for over a decade, including a term as president, and in 2002, was named the CDTA's Volunteer of the Year.

    Nationally, Jon was initially named chair of the USTA Collegiate Committee and first vice president of the USTA. In the vice president position, he served on the USTA's Billie Jean King National Tennis Center Master Plan Study Group. He also served as board liaison for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Advocacy Committee and the Creative Opportunities Task Force.

    Jon and his wife, Shari, along with their two sons, Jared and Spencer, were presented with the prestigious Ralph W. Westcott Award in 2004, an honor that recognizes the USTA's Family of the Year.