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    "Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity." - Vince Lombardi

    When it comes to Northwestern's cheerleaders, there's definitely more than meets the eye.

    Cheerleaders at Northwestern come from diverse backgrounds. Some NU cheerleaders have years of experience in cheerleading, while others have experience in dance, gymnastics, volleyball, track and even wrestling! The varied skills of each cheerleader give the team a wide skill base to draw from when performing on the sidelines at football and men's and women's basketball games.

    While cheering at athletic events is the main function of the cheerleading team, NU cheerleaders play many other roles as well. Cheerleaders are the ambassadors for the university and as such, get to mix and mingle with alumni, corporate sponsors and donors from all over the country. In the past, the cheer team has also appeared at birthday parties, the NU president inauguration festivities and even in lecture! First and foremost, however, NU cheerleaders are Varsity athletes, and receive Varsity letters and letter gifts upon completion of a full year of cheering. The cheer team also receives Varsity athletic gear and has access to the athletic training room. Senior cheerleaders are inducted into the prestigious N-Club upon graduation.

    Unlike club sports at Northwestern, cheerleaders pay no expenses as part of the team. Travel expenses, pre-season expenses, and gear are all paid for by the cheer team's athletic fund. Perhaps the greatest part of being a Northwestern cheerleader is the lifelong friendships each cheerleader gains by joining the team. These relationships are nourished through travel opportunities to away football games, college bowl events and basketball tournaments. Each Northwestern cheerleader is an integral part of the university's athletic department and game day experience, but this responsibility gives the cheer team memories and experiences to last a lifetime.

    Emily Basham
    Kristin Bernstein
    Ian Charles
    Krissy Cox
    Orlando DeLeon
    Kiersten Hansen
    Jenny Heman
    Lauren Jackson
    Grace Johnson
    Sree Kathiravan
    Megan Knapp
    David Leander
    Jessie Lehr
    Nicole Mahan
    Bojan Manojlovic
    Austin Pate
    Tarresha Poindexter
    Stephanie Pollock
    Alayna Soehlke
    Jacquelyn Thich

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