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    NU Names December Sports Performance Athletes of the Month



    Jan. 8, 2014

    EVANSTON, Ill. -- Swimmers Julianne Kurke and Tim Smith, both breaststroke specialists, set the standard for their teammates during their respective training trips, earning themselves the distinction of December Sports Performance Athletes of the Month, Assistant A.D. for Sports Performance Jason Pullara announced Wednesday.

    Kurke, a sophomore on the women's swimming team, and Tim Smith, a senior on the men's swimming team, have been leaders in and out of the sports performance facility. "These two are great examples of committing to every aspect of their training that will affect their athletic success," Pullara said.

    Julianne Kurke (Women's Swimming)

    Julianne Kurke approaches every workout with intensity. According to Sports Performance intern Tristan Thomas, Kurke is a person of few words but her performance speaks volumes. "She pushes herself to the limit and has no fear of failure. Whether it's a barbell glute bridge or a weighted pull-up, she loads up and performs the exercise with precision. Her champion attitude and energy is very influential to her teammates and motivates them to give their best."

    Tim Smith (Men's Swimming)

    Tim Smith sets the tone each day by helping his team focus on the goals for the workout. "Tim's contributions in establishing a higher level of focus and reminding his teammates what they are attempting to accomplish are invaluable," said Sports Performance graduate assistant coach Justin Blatner. "He has made significant improvements in the pool and the performance facility through his efforts, leaving a major impact on his teammates."