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    The Northwestern Athletic Equipment Services Department (NAESD) is dedicated to providing the best in customer service, professionalism and creating the most positive experience to its student-athletes, coaches and staff. All facets of equipment: fitting, issuance, retention, inventory, maintenance and laundry will be held at the highest standard. The NAESD staff is here to assist the administration, coaches and student athletes on a daily basis to help provide a "World Class Experience". The NAESD staff will adhere to all NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment), NCAA, BIG 10, and Northwestern University rules and regulations when dealing with all equipment. The NAESD department and staff are expected to maintain the highest standard of excellence at all times.


    Our Expectations of You:

    - Commitment - We expect you to treat this as a job and not just something to do. Before asking questions about time off or schedules, ask yourself what would you expect from your boss of your first full-time job out of college. There are two things that will excuse you from work: family obligations and academic reasons. - Be on Time - Our practice, game, and travel schedules often change and usually at the last second. We are expected to roll with the changes. It makes things much easier on us if we can depend on you to be here when we ask. - What Being on Time Means- When we tell you that breakfast starts at 6:45 am and we want you ready to go at 7:15 am, we expect you to be changed, fed, and ready to start working at 7:15 am. This DOES NOT mean that you stroll in the room at 7:18 am and then go change and get food from the N-Club. - Compliance to Our Rules and Regulations - This manual has been developed to give us some stability in the equipment room. In this manual, we have outlined a set of expectations, rules, and responsibilities that we expect our student managers to follow. It also gives you a certain amount of protection. This manual, combined with our equipment room policies and procedures, will be our main resource for the student manager program. - Responsibility - This manual is a list of your responsibilities, but we need you all to understand that when you are with us, you are our responsibility. If you get hurt on the job, in trouble on a road trip, or caught doing something that you aren't supposed to while you are working, you are our problem. Your parents or guardians that allow you to be with us expect us to keep you safe. The best way to ensure this, is for you to trust our judgment. Your Expectations of Us: - Student Manager - The first word is much more important than the second. We will always place your education above our needs because it is the priority. You are paying to go to school at one of the finest institutions in the world. We want you to succeed in life more than we want our needs to be fulfilled in the short term. - Keep You Safe - We will never ask you to put yourself in harm's way. If you feel that we are asking you to do something you are not comfortable with, you need only tell us and we will find something else for you to do. - We Will Give You as Much as We Possibly Can - If you are reading this manual, we want you to be a part of the Northwestern Family. We will fight to get you as much gear, pay, and as many great experiences as we can. You need only to follow the guidelines and represent yourself, the equipment staff, football program and Northwestern University at all times.


    As mentioned earlier, we value your education as much as you do. You are a student first and a manager for us second.

    To accommodate the academic and athletic work load, all of our student managers receive priority scheduling, access to the computer labs, tutors, and academic advisors that are available to our student athletes. The athletic department allows our student managers this privilege to make you available for practices and games. Here are a few guidelines that you must follow regarding academics:

    - All class schedule requests must be approved by the Full Time Equipment Manager that oversees the student managers before they are submitted to the academic advisors. At this time, the Full Time Equipment Manager that must approve them is Greg Valenzisi. - We will provide you with a block of time that you must do your best to keep open to allow you to work for us. Typically, since football practices in the mornings in the Fall, we ask that you block off a period of time from 7 am to 12 pm Tuesday thru Friday. We understand that there are instances where time conflicts can't be avoided. In these cases, you are required to meet with Greg to explain the conflict, why it is necessary for you to take that class that semester, other times that the class is available, and two (2) alterative choices. You will not be paid for hours missed due to the class conflict, but you can talk to Greg about making up the hours later if you so desire. - Internships are a large part of your academic experience here at NU. We are willing to listen to all internship offers that you have and work with you to allow your academic progress to continue, while allowing you to meet your requirements here in the equipment room. You will only need to get internships approved if they are during the traditional school year. If the internship conflicts with work hours during the year, you will not be paid for the time you did not work. Summer internships are yours to find and work at your leisure. Any conflicts with the start of football camp in August will be excused. - There will be times during the season that mid-term exams, tests, papers and small group projects may prevent you from traveling to or attending games. You will have a few different options to complete these assignments. You may decide, if you are chosen to travel, that it is more important to get your school work done and stay home rather than travel to an away game. This is a responsible decision and one that will never be held against you. If you have a test that conflicts with a travel date, it is possible for Greg to proctor an exam on the road. This will take approval from you professor, our academic advisors for the athletic department, and Greg. All of the paper work must be completed the Monday before we leave for our trip or you will not be eligible to travel that week. - These are the same standards that the athletes are required to meet. There is no reason that we shouldn't expect the same out of our student managers.


    Training Camp and Camp Kenosha

    College football has become a 12 month a year process for full time staff and the athletes. With each season comes a renewed sense of hope and excitement. For us, here in the NU equipment room, the most important and exciting time is the beginning of training camp every August. There are two parts to training camp: the start of camp in Evanston and our 10 day visit to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. The team typically reports for the start of camp the first full weekend in August. We request that student managers arrive the Friday before the athletes report to get things set up for their arrival. We will have a scheduled meeting with the Head Coach on Saturday so he can meet you, discuss his expectations with you, and tell you about what Northwestern football can do for you. We will then practice in Evanston through the following Saturday, at which time we will depart as a group for UW-Parkside. Camp Kenosha lasts a little over a week, at which point, we will return to Evanston and prepare for the start of the season. Since classes typically begin in mid-September, you are free to work as much as we need you to during this period. We will ask you to stay evenings to help with laundry and other tasks that we need done. The football program is paying for you to be here so we will put you to work as we need it. You will have plenty of freedom, but are expected to be on call in the equipment room at all times.

    Spring Football

    The beginning of spring ball is normally scheduled 2 weeks before we break for finals and spring break, and the 3 weeks after spring break. Always be aware these times dates are always subject to change. We will meet in the weeks leading up to spring practice to work through plans with you. All dates and report times will be provided by Greg Valenzisi or Curtis Shaner.


    With the new rules put in place by the NCAA regarding who can help during practices and what full time staff is allowed to do during practice, we have to lean on you, the student managers, to ensure that practice runs smoothly. According to NCAA Rules, full time equipment managers, athletic trainers, quality control personnel, and volunteer support staff members are not allowed to participate in any drills. Due to this ruling, student managers are an integral part in the success of the program. Upon your arrival, we will pair you with a position group and a coach. We expect you to communicate with your coach. Ask him what you need to have ready for each drill, where the drill is located, and anything else that he thinks you need to know to make practice run smooth. This should all be done prior to the start of practice each day. The practice scripts are delivered to us each morning to be distributed to you. You should review the script so you are ready to ask your coach any questions that you have prior to the start of practice. If you should have to leave practice early, it is on you to discuss with your fellow student managers to get things covered. We can only assist you so much. It benefits us to have a group of managers that can get things done on their own. The field should be set-up and ready to go for practice a half-hour before practice starts. After practice students are required to pick-up all field equipment. Make one last check of the field to make sure all equipment is picked up and put away. Before leaving the practice field, all managers must see Curtis to make sure that everything we need done is completed before we release you.

    3 phases to every practice:

    1. Pre-practice-setting up of the field with needed field equipment, balls and shagging of balls.
    2. Practice-assisting position coaches as needed. During team work assist with spotting balls, holding chains, cleaning up of field and shagging balls.
    3. Post practice-finish cleaning up of field, check with Curtis or Greg to be released.

    Positional Responsibilities

    QB- Student manager will be required to assist in all of the QB equipment needs. During practice, the manager is required to set-up and break down all QB drills. The primary responsibilities are to be the ball spotter and snapper. The QB manager will be responsible for making sure the QBs have the right balls. When drills are completed all field equipment will be moved off the field and stacked neatly out of the way of any other drills.

    RB- Student manager will be assisting the running back coach. He/she will be assisting in all of the running backs equipment needs. During practice the manager is required to set-up and break down all running back drills. When drills are completed all field equipment will be moved off the field and stacked neatly out of the way of any other drills.

    WR- Student manager will be assisting the wide receiver coach. During practice the manager is required to set-up receiver drills. When drills are completed all field equipment will be moved off the field and stacked neatly out of the way of any other drills.

    OL/TE - Student manager will be assisting the O-line/TE coaches. The manager will be required to assist in all of O-line and TE equipment needs. Also, the manager is required to set-up and break down all O-line and TE drills. When drills are completed all field equipment will be moved off the field and stacked neatly out of the way of any other drills.

    DB- A student manager will be assisting the DB coach. The manager will be required to assist in all of DB equipment needs. During practice the student manager is required to set-up and break down all DB drills. When drills are completed all field equipment will be moved off the field and stacked neatly out of the way of any other drills.

    LB- A student managers will be assisting the linebacker coach. The student manager will be required to assist in all of the linebackers equipment needs. During practice the manager is required to set-up and break down all linebacker drills. When drills are completed all field equipment will be moved off the field and stacked neatly out of the way of any other drills.

    DL- A student manager will be assisting the D-line coaches (may be two coaches). The student manager will be required to assist in all of the d-line equipment needs. During practice the student manager is required to set-up and break down all d-line drills. When drills are completed all field equipment will be moved off the field and stacked neatly out of the way of any other drills.

    Game Responsibilities

    All the work that you put in at practice is very important to the players and coaches, but your assistance outside of practice during game week is very important to us in the equipment room. Here is a breakdown of what we need to do to prepare for game day:

    Home Game:

    Thursday- Hang the game uniforms for the game Saturday. Make sure that each player has a jersey, pant, and gold bag hanging on a rolling rack ready to move to the locker room for Saturday. Pull each travel squad member's Friday loop and place it in their issue locker.

    Friday- The travel squad will have a walk thru in the evening prior to leaving for the team hotel. They will arrive around 4 pm; get dressed in their Friday attire, got to their position meetings and walk thru before having one final team walk thru on Ryan Field. After this, they will leave for the team hotel. We require 4 student managers for the walk thru. 2 to run the walk thru and 2 to help prepare for post walk thru work. Before we dismiss you, the student managers will walk through the locker room and check that each player has his game helmet, all stickers that should be on the helmet are there, all trash is removed from the floor of the locker room, and the players lockers are as clean as possible.

    Saturday- Day of game all students are to report to the equipment room five (5) hours before kick-off. Student managers will start setting up the locker room. The entire group will start by putting out the game uniforms and gold game bags, making sure everyone has one. Next, you will set up the game field. Curtis will instruct you on what needs to be on the sidelines and where it goes. After the field is set up, you will help Greg test the coaches headsets to make sure they are working properly. After set up is complete, you will change and check with Greg and Curtis for your assignments during the game.

    Pregame will be a shorter, much more intense version of practice. It moves very fast and requires great communication between you, your fellow managers, full time equipment staff, and coaches. We expect you to have spoken with your coaches prior to the start of pregame to make sure you have everything they need. In game responsibilities will be given out prior to pregame. Additional responsibilities will be requested in addition to those listed above.

    Sunday- Student managers will report in two (2) groups. Early group will help fold towels, finish laundry and reorganize shed. The late group will assist Greg with the cleaning of the helmets.

    Road Game:

    Wednesday- Start packing trunks for the road. We will provide a list of the trunks that need to be on the truck. We will require you to go through, restock, and organize each trunk and place them on the truck. Before placing them on the truck, we request that you have them checked by a full time equipment manager before moving them to the truck. You will also need to pull the travel squad's uniforms, pack them in their travel case, pull their gold bags and place them in their travel case, and pull each travel squad members' garment bag to be put out on Friday morning.

    Thursday- Travel players will be issued their equipment bags during practice. After practice, one student manager will sit in the lobby and check off each player as they turn in their travel bag to be placed on the truck. Another student will check off any extra player loops the player will want us to take with us and place in their locker at the visiting stadium. The rest of the student managers will assist Curtis in packing the truck, gathering equipment from the shed that needs to be put on the truck, and assisting the other departments that need help putting their gear on the truck as well. Coaching and staff gear will be packed. Any last minute changes will be handled as well. The truck will depart after it is packed.

    Friday- Friday is our travel day. Depending on where we are traveling to, how we are traveling, and how many students are traveling, we will assign each of you responsibilities.

  • Travel days will start with a walk thru here in Evanston before the team boards the bus to leave Ryan Field. Two managers are required to run the walk thru. They will be designated on Thursday so you can make the necessary plans to be there.
  • Bus trips - We try to take every student manager that wants to travel on driving trips. In conference games that we will drive to are Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Indiana. The two managers that run walk thru will travel on the bus with the team to our destination. Your dress will be regulated by the football staff and must be adhered too. All other managers will travel in university vehicles with Greg and Curtis. We will leave early in the morning to meet the truck and the opposing team's stadium to set up the locker room. Dress will be set by the equipment staff.
  • Airplane trips - In conference, we will fly to Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Penn State. We will all travel with the team to the airport, fly with the team to our destination. We will then check into the hotel, change, and head to the stadium to get set up for the game the next day. You will be required to dress appropriately for flights. For the gentleman, this means dress pants, dress shirt, and tie at the least. It is preferred that you wear suits and dress shoes. For the ladies, skirts or dress slacks, dress shirts and shoes. Flights are to be treated as business trips and we must look the part. We ask the ladies to dress in business attire. The players need to be focused on the task at hand and that is winning a football game. The slightest distraction will be brought to us from the coaches and it is something that we don't want to deal with.
  • We will always return right after our responsibilities at the stadium are completed. If we travel to a game and you want to stay behind or travel back with someone other than us, we can only release you to a parent or guardian that is at the game. It cannot be a friends parent, a significant other's parent, or a friend of the family. If your guardian is not there, you will return with us to Evanston. If a student manager's parents are there and they want another student manager to stay with them, we need confirmation in advance that they will take responsibility for them. Any other situation regarding this topic will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  • Should you choose to stay behind, you will not be excused from your responsibilities on Sunday. The necessary arrangements will need to be made with Greg before we depart on Friday.

    Sunday- Student managers will report in two (2) groups. Early group will help fold towels, finish laundry and reorganize shed. Late group will help with cleaning helmets.

    Rules and Regulations

    Student managers are expected to comply with the following rules and regulations:

    1. Personal Relationships: THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS WITH PLAYERS AND/OR STAFF. This is a University, Athletic Department, Equipment Room, and Football rule. Any violations will result in immediate dismissal and further penalty from the Department or University if the situation requires it.
    2. Absence: You are expected to report to practice/work on time and ready to work. If you are going to be late for any reason, you are expected to contact Greg Valenzisi or Curtis Shaner and let them know with adequate time to make adjustments. If you cannot make a practice or game, it is the student's responsibility to have it covered. Any class or outside work conflicts must be made known and taken care of prior to that day.
    3. Appearance: You must be dressed in Northwestern issued equipment while at work. Running shoes are required while at work. No open-toe sandals or flip flops. On game days you will need to be cleanly shaven and dressed in game day issued pants, polo and other issued game gear as needed.
    4. Behavior: You are expected to treat all coaches, players, and administration staff with professionalism and respect. Professionalism is very important since we work in a non-traditional work environment. Act as if every action or decision you make will be seen by someone.
    5. Alcohol: All students are expected to stay alcohol free while at work. Make smart decisions; don't do anything the night before that will affect your performance at work the next day. If you are under 21 you are expected to follow the law. Coming to work under the influence or with alcohol on your breath is grounds for immediate dismissal. If a student manager(s) is on a road trip, they are expected not to be drinking alcohol of any kind during the entire road trip. If caught or a problem ensues, disciplinary action will be taken.
    6. Drugs: There is to be no use of any street or any other type of drugs while employed at Northwestern. Coming to work under the influence or impaired in any way would result in immediate dismissal.
    7. Stealing: If you are caught stealing any items from the equipment room, locker room, or anything from Northwestern Athletics it will be grounds for immediate dismissal. If you are on scholarship you will lose it and be responsible for the remainder of your bills at Northwestern University.
    8. Inventory: All items will be issued to student athletes, coaches and staff by the Full-Time Equipment Staff. Items that are issued are entered into a computer system so we have an accurate account of all the items that are in stock and items that are given out to athletics. Any items that are given out to athletes, coaches or administration staff without full time staffs permission will result in disciplinary action and possible removal from the equipment room.
    9. Being on time: As mentioned in our expectations, punctuality is very important to us. If the expectations are not met, the first violation will result in a warning. The second violation will result in you being sent home and removed from any travel that you were chosen for. A third violation will result in a meeting with the full time equipment staff to discuss your future with us.
    10. Evaluations: All student managers will subject to two evaluations during the year. They will occur at the end of the season in the fall and in the weeks after spring football. Evaluations will be based on the expectations listed in this manual, our rules and regulations listed in this manual, and your relationships with our coaches, your coworkers, and the equipment staff.

    Pay Scale

    Financially you will be compensated for the hours you put in here in the equipment room. You should also realize that your compensation is also enhanced by the clothing, shoes, travel and experiences that you will get by working here. Below is a breakdown of your payment:

    • Camp Pay - The period of time from the start of camp to New Student week will be compensated with a stipend from a budget set up by our administration. The stipend will be paid out in two installments according to the university biweekly payroll calendar. The number of payments may change year to year. The amount given to each student will be determined by the number of students that will be working, when those students arrive to work camp, experience of the student, and the budget given to us by the athletic department. All housing and meals will be provided for you by the football program during this time. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided for you either in the N Club or via per diem issued to each student should that meal not be provided in the N Club. You will be issued Northwestern clothing that must be worn at all times while you are at work. We will provide t-shirts, shorts, sweat pants, sweat shirts, socks and shoes that you will receive upon arrival. We will also provide rain gear and cold weather gear when the weather turns. All of these items will be yours to keep and are your responsibility. If you do not have your rain gear at practice on a day that it rains, you may not be issued another one. Please keep these items at the stadium in your designated space to ensure that you have it for work.
    • Season Pay - Since the budget for student managers is reviewed and revised annually, student earnings may change from year to year. Your earnings will be based on your year in the program, attendance to football related events (i.e. start of camp, Kenosha, spring ball, bowl practice, etc.), and your end of season and end of school year evaluations. Should you miss football related events, your earnings may be affected.
    • Post Season Pay - Bowl games have become expected in here at Northwestern in recent years. The football program and the university are very good at rewarding your hard work during the season when it comes to post season pay. They allow us to take as many managers as we can to bowl games. You will receive payment during the extra weeks as well as travel, lodging, bowl apparel, and per diem for week we are away. Bowl trips are optional, but they are a reward for all of the hard work that you put in during the year. It's a chance to get away and enjoy a week somewhere other than our equipment room.
    • Road Trips - Each student manager will be given per diem on road trips. This money will be an amount determined by the athletic department to cover any meal that you will have while we are on the road. This usually includes dinner the night before and meals on game day except post game meals which are provided. Any other expenses will come out of your own pocket. Please remember that the football program is paying for your transportation to and from the game and your hotel the night before the game in addition to your per diem.

    Student Manager Travel

    Every year, we are faced with questions from student managers about how we choose who travels on road trips. We would like to provide you with our criteria and how we ultimately determine which student managers will travel.

    • First priority will go to who is necessary to the football program. There are instances where the coaching staff will request a specific manager to have an in game responsibility. These responsibilities are earned, not given. They can be earned through your hard work at practice, extra time spent with a coach in your down time, knowledge of the game, recommendations from the full time equipment staff, and your willingness to accept the responsibility. Should you be chosen for one of these jobs and commit to what is asked of you, you will be expected to complete these duties despite anything that comes up outside of football. This is a rare occurrence, but has been known to happen.
    • Second priority will go to who the full time equipment staff feels is necessary to our work. Most of the time, we will choose student managers that have been with us for a while and know what we need to get done, how we want it done, and have shown their commitment to the cause.
    • Third priority will go to those student managers that arrive at the start of camp and go through Camp Kenosha with us. This is the category that most of you will fall in. By attending and working with us from the start of camp, you have shown your commitment to us. Student managers that work all of camp are more familiar to the players and coaches. They know that you worked through the hard part of the year and are part of the Northwestern Football Family. Any manager that reports for the start of camp will travel on at least one flight trip that season depending on how many flights we will take. If there aren't enough spots on flights to go around, they will be given first choice of trips for the year starting with the most senior managers first.
    • As mentioned earlier, any trip that we drive to will be open to as many managers as want to go. We will make all arrangements to take as many of you as we can. We will rent vehicles through the university so that we can all travel together.


    All of us in the equipment room were once in your shoes. As a student, you face balancing your time amongst school, work, and a social life. You will face times where you will get frustrated and feel as if there aren't enough hours in the day to handle all three. You will miss out on that great party Friday night because you are traveling with us. You will miss out on sleeping in on Saturday afternoons in the fall or waking up to tailgate with friends. These are all things that you will sacrifice for Northwestern football.

    As someone who sacrificed all of these things when he was in school, I can tell you that I wouldn't trade one experience or relationship that I have had or made throughout my career for one Friday night party I missed or sleep that I didn't get. This job allows you to experience some of the greatest traditions in sports first hand. I have caught punts in front of 80,000 people and been cheered because I didn't drop one. I have been on the field at some the greatest sport venues in America like Ohio Stadium, Michigan Stadium, The Rose Bowl, The Cotton Bowl, countless NFL stadiums, and even Wrigley Field. We are in the locker room for all the celebrations and the heartache that comes with being a part of a family. I have friends that play in the NFL and know coaches that have won National Championships.

    As a staff, we want to provide you with as many amazing experiences as we possibly can. We want you to be able to tell your kids that you were a part of something special and that you had a big hand in the success of Northwestern football.

    Your commitment to the Northwestern Football Family will only be worth what you put into it. The coaches, players, and support staff give everything they have and most times more. We do it because we love what we do and we all want to be a part of something special. We ask you to join us in helping us take the purple to Pasadena once again.

    Northwestern Football Equipment Staff

    Prospective Student Manager Form