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    Northwestern Athletic Equipment Services Policies and Procedures

    Mission Statement

    The Northwestern Athletic Equipment Services Department (NAESD) is dedicated to providing the best in customer service, professionalism and creating the most positive experience to its student-athletes, coaches and staff. All facets of equipment: fitting, issuance, retention, inventory, maintenance and laundry will be held at the highest standard. The NAESD staff is here to assist the administration, coaches and student athletes on a daily basis to help provide a "World Class Experience". The NAESD staff will adhere to all NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment), NCAA, BIG 10, and Northwestern University rules and regulations when dealing with all equipment. The NAESD department and staff are expected to maintain the highest standard of excellence at all times.

    Equipment Room and Hours of Service

    There are two Athletic Equipment Rooms at Northwestern University:

    1. Bill Jarvis Equipment Room - located at Ryan Field, 2703 Ashland Avenue, Evanston, IL 60208.
      The hours of operation are 8a-5p Monday through Friday and as necessary on weekends and holidays.
    2. Patton Gymnasium Equipment Room - located on campus at the corner of Lincoln and Sheridan. The hours of operation are 8a-5p Monday through Friday and as necessary on weekends and holidays.

    Equipment Department and Sport Responsibilities

    Eric Howitt (1-8872), Assistant Athletic Director/Equipment Operations - Oversees all 19 Athletic Programs, Budgets, Administration and Support Staff Equipment Needs. Main Sports Focus- Football, Men's and Women's Golf

    Meli Resendiz (1-8871), Assistant Director of Equipment Operations - Oversees Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Women's Tennis, softball and Cross Country

    Curtis Shaner (1-8870), Assistant Director of Equipment Operations - Oversees football

    Liz De Felice (1-3452), Assistant Equipment Manager - Oversees Student Athlete Letter Award Program, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Fencing, Men's Swimming, Women's Swimming

    Greg Valenzisi (1-8874), Assistant Equipment Manager - Oversees- Men's Basketball, Men's Tennis and assists Football

    Equipment Intern (1-3419), Equipment Assistant - Oversees- Baseball, Wrestling, and Spirit Squad

    Ordering Policies

    All equipment and apparel orders are to go through the NAESD unless arrangements have been made with the NAESD. All coaches and staff are to contact and submit orders to their respective equipment manager. The NAESD will fill out the necessary paperwork and process the order with the business department. Coaches and staff that have received approval to order equipment themselves must submit the orders to their respective equipment manager. All product that is ordered is to be shipped to the Bill Jarvis Equipment Room located at 2703 Ashland, Evanston, IL 60208. The NAESD will inventory the product, check it to the packing slip and the original order to verify that all products that were received is correct and ready to be entered into the computer inventory software. Orders that are placed by staff and/or coaches will also be entered into the computer inventory software and the respective equipment manager will confirm with their coach that their equipment arrived and everything was accounted for.

    Embroidery and Screen Printing

    A Northwestern University Style Guide is available and it clearly shows the direction of the Northwestern Athletic Department and how logos are to be used. Any new use of a logo must be approved by Northwestern University's Executive Staff. All embroidery and screen printing items must go through the NAESD. The NAESD will work with their coaches and staff to decide logo, logo placement, and design before sending out any items. The NAESD requires art proofs and mock ups before any production begins to make sure that there are no mistakes. Once art is approved, production of the garments will begin. At no time should a coach or staff member go to the embroiderer or screen printer without prior approval from the NAESD. As items come back from embroidery they will be stored in the equipment room and issued as needed.

    Shipping and Receiving

    All Northwestern Athletic Department items that are received by the NAESD will be checked in and delivered to the appropriate person in a timely manner. All employees that receive packages must sign for their shipments. All Northwestern Athletic Department purchased product is to be shipped to the following address:

    Northwestern University
    2703 Ashland
    Evanston, IL 60208

    Equipment Issuance

    All student athletes must be on a Certified Eligibility List (CEL) that is submitted to the NAESD by the Compliance Department in order to receive Northwestern issued gear. Equipment will not be issued to any student athlete without being on the CEL or have verbal or email confirmation from Compliance. The NAESD will maintain close contact with the Compliance Department to stay current with any and all changes that are made to CELs throughout the year. Northwestern issued equipment to all student-athletes is the property of Northwestern University and is not for personal use. All athletic related equipment will be issued through the NAESD unless prior arrangements have been made with a coach or staff member. Each student athlete will sign for all equipment that is issued to them. All equipment is issued to each student athlete will be entered into the computer inventory system to show record of everything that has been issued in each given year to each individual student athlete.

    Equipment Retention

    Once the season is over for each individual sport, equipment retention will begin. Student athletes are required to turn back in all equipment to the NAESD that is deemed non-expendable. All equipment that is deemed expendable may be retained by the student athlete. Equipment that is not returned to the NAESD, in a timely manner, can and will result in holds and/or charges to that student athlete's account. The hold will stay on the account until equipment is either returned or paid for. The NAESD will work directly with the compliance department to hold student athletes accountable.

    Expendable and Non-Expendable Equipment

    Prior to issuance and collection of equipment, all equipment will be deemed expendable or non-expendable by the NAESD and the coaches associated with each given sport.

    • A. Expendable Equipment - Equipment that is issued out to be used every day and is purchased on a one year rotation (equipment that loses its value over the course of the season). Equipment includes but is not limited to running shoes, cleats, socks, practice gear (shorts, jerseys, t shirts, socks compression), workout gear (shorts, t-shirts, socks and compression), practice /travel warm-ups.
    • B. Non-Expendable Equipment - Equipment that is issued out to be used for competition only and is purchased on a 2-3 year rotation (equipment that does not lose its value over the course of the season). Equipment includes but is not limited to game uniforms, parkas, heavy jackets, rain gear, game/travel warm-ups and sport specific equipment (helmets, shoulder pads, catchers gear and goalie gear).

    Department Giveaway

    1. 1. Non-Auction requests for equipment must go through the NAESD. Equipment issuance requested by staff and/or coaches for themselves will be handled by the NAESD and said equipment will be issued to that coach or staff member and entered into the computer inventory system.
    2. 2. Auction requests must go through Maureen Palchak,, 847-497-3302,and proper paperwork filled out with approval from the Compliance Department before any equipment is issued out by the NAESD. The compliance Department will determine if the auction item is compliant with all NCAA rules and regulations. Once compliance signs off on the auction request, Maureen will contact the NAESD that request has been approved and ok to issue out said items.