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    It is the policy of Northwestern Athletics to discourage any contacts between an agent seeking to represent a Northwestern student-athlete in contract negotiations with a professional sports team or as a professional athlete unless the agent: (i) registers with the State of Illinois pursuant to the Uniform Athlete Agents Act, (ii) provides Northwestern Athletics with documentation proving he or she has registered with the State of Illinois, and (iii) registers with Northwestern Athletics by completing the Northwestern University Athlete Agent Registration Form.

    Agent registration with Northwestern Athletics expires each year on June 30th at 11:59pm. Agents must submit a new Northwestern Agent Registration Form to the Northwestern University Athletics Compliance Office each year in order to remain registered with Northwestern Athletics.

    The following shall be considered activities or conduct of agents:

    A. Negotiating compensation, benefits and other contract terms for Northwestern University student-athletes in contract negotiations with professional sports teams or as a professional athlete;

    B. Giving advice, counsel, and information to individual Northwestern University student-athletes in the context of negotiating with or preparing for negotiations with professional sports teams or as a professional athlete;

    C. Making representations as to a person's competence, skill or ability to negotiate on behalf of, to determine the potential professional worth of, or to otherwise represent an athlete in the context of soliciting individual Northwestern University student-athletes to become clients; or

    D. Any other activity or conduct which directly bears upon the agent's integrity, competence, or ability to properly represent individual Northwestern University student-athletes in contract negotiations.

    Our student-athletes are educated each year on the proper procedures if contacted by an agent, financial advisor or representative. Any information that you would like to provide for the student-athlete may be mailed to the attention of Brian Baptiste, Associate Athletics Director, and it will be forwarded and reviewed with each student-athlete.

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    Uniform Athlete Agents Act