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    Blogging From Belgium - 8/14/13

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    Northwestern redshirt junior JerShon Cobb, redshirt freshman Sanjay Lumpkin and assistant coach Pat Baldwin are currently touring with a Global Sports Academy team in Belgium. The team had a day off from competition on Monday as they toured London (detailed below by Lumpkin).


    The squad returned to action on Tuesday and earned a 90-70 win over St. Niklaas of Belgium. All 10 players scored and five players posted double-digit scoring efforts. Cobb tallied 10 points and Lumpkin contributed 8 points in a strong effort by the Northwestern duo. In three games, Cobb and Lumpkin are averaging 10.1 and 6.0 points per game, respectively.


    Our off day was spent in the great city of London. We woke up very early Monday morning to walk to the train station in Mechelen. We boarded the train to Brussels first. Next, we had to make a transfer to the Eurostar train that we took to London. The train we took to London seemed to run about 200 mph. However, the train was so smooth that if you weren't looking out the window, you'd think you were sitting still.


    London was absolutely amazing. We began the morning by experiencing the "changing of the guards" and the Buckingham Palace where the Queen of England lives. Afterwards, we took London's train, The Tube, to Oxford Circus where we split up and did a lot of shopping. Niketown and House of Hoops were pretty popular spots with all the guys. After some shopping, a couple of the guys and I got on The Tube to see the London Bridge and Big Ben which were spectacular. Overall, I had a great experience in London and it's definitely a place that I would really enjoy visiting again.


    London has a lot of similarities to Chicago. Both are extremely busy with tourists and people in general. They both have a public transportation system that is used to pretty much everyone's advantage and life in London seemed almost the same. The people in London are approachable and relatable and there are many familiar stores and places as well.  


    I'd say the two biggest differences are driving and money. It is shocking to see cars on the other side of the road and the steering wheels in cars on the right side. It took a while to get used to looking "right" first when crossing the street instead of "left". The other main difference is the worth of the dollar. The dollar is worth extremely less than the pound used in the United Kingdom. Everything is more expensive.


    I absolutely would recommend others to visit London. It was such a great experience. I got a chance to see things I have only seen in pictures and in the movies. It was great to be around different people and experience the city for my own.


    This entire trip has been great. Hanging with players from other teams and conferences is really fun. We have had a lot of time to talk to each other in our downtime with long bus rides and train rides. I've gotten to know pretty much all of them. It's fun to just tell each other stories about how their college is and reflecting on our own experiences with them.

    Sanjay Lumpkin

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