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    The Official 2012 Northwestern Twitter Hashtag is #B1GCats

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    We are excited to unveil our 2012 Twitter hashtag for Northwestern Football and all of our 19 varsity sports programs over the coming academic school year: #B1GCats.


    Why #B1GCats? We love the way it channels both our Chicago's Big Ten Team brand and our membership in the "B1G" Conference. While the Wildcat is one of the most popular nicknames in collegiate athletics, we truly are the only #B1GCats. It's also shorter than #Northwestern--we love what our school name stands for, but it was not made for a 140-character world.


    In the realm of the B1G, we also are excited about the way our hashtag complements the Big Ten's stable of Twitter accounts. The #B1GCats play @B1GFootball.


    #B1GCats will be our official hashtag across all sports in 2012-13, and we still will use #Northwestern as well. The #Northwestern #B1GCats open the season at Syracuse at 11 a.m. CT Saturday. Make sure you use the hashtag for the best chance of inclusion in our @Storify social media recap after the game!


    Help us welcome the #B1GCats hashtag into our Twitter family by using it today in a clever and creative tweet. We'll pick one of our favorites and award an @UnderArmour purple heatgear t-shirt to its author!



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    1977-1982....Letterman X 4 cross country and track-The Athletes at the Time ? Were The best people -upon reflection ? It was not a 'Class' however it was a 'Culture' not to mention a Fun And Educational one

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