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    Kingsley Elementary Welcomed 'Cats for "Wellness Wednesday"

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    By Maria Tedeschi

    Kingsley Elementary School held an all school assembly on Wednesday March 28 to conclude its study on the importance of wellness in all facets of life. Students at Kingsley have been learning about healthy eating, getting enough sleep, academic success and the importance of character. Coach Fitzgerald concluded the school's curriculum of wellness by speaking to the group of third, fourth and fifth graders about attitude, resilience and being a team player. 

    Coach Fitzgerald also spoke about self-control and the importance of having composure. Joining Coach Fitzgerald were sophomores, Timmy Vernon and Tyler Scott and junior Roderick Goodlow from the Northwestern football team. Players answered questions concerning what it is like to be a student-athlete and how staying healthy can affect all areas of your game.

    After the assembly, the players were given a tour of the school. At the tour's conclusion, Timmy, Tyler and Roderick joined the students outside for recess, where they participated in football drills and games.

    Video: Fitz and Players at Kingsley Elementary School

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