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    Kaylee's Corner: Get To Know the 'Cats

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    It has been a crazy past two weeks of field hockey for the 'Cats! After losing to Indiana for our first Big Ten match of the season, we beat then #7 UNH two days later--giving me family bragging rights because my sister starts for them. This past weekend, we defeated Michigan State in the pouring rain 3-0 and then drove to Penn State. After coming back from being down 2 goals at halftime, we lost in a heartbreaking overtime. We hope to see Penn State and Indiana again in the Big Ten Tournament!

    Since we have five freshman and five seniors this year, I figured we could get to know the oldest and youngest classes of NUFH a little bit better. Claire Thompson, Jaimie Orrico, Regan Mooney, Megan Jamieson and myself compose the senior class and Morgan Joffe, Babs Van de Mierop, Kirsty Crampton-Smith, Maddy Carpenter, and Mary Susan Bro are the freshies.

    Senior Q: Favorite Memory Playing at Lakeside Field?
    * A collection of memories that have allowed me to see, first-hand, how much our team has grown, improved, and risen in my four short years here. - Jaimie
    * Playing in a child's size onesie at practice. - Claire
    * Beating UVA this year - Regan

    Q: If you could be any character on any TV Show, who would it be?
    * Cookie Monster from Sesame Street- Maddy
    * Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU- Morgan and Regan
    * Monica from Friends- Claire
    * I watch too many shows to decide!- Megan

    Freshman Q: What would you be doing if you weren't playing field hockey?
    * Studying in Belgium and playing hockey with my old club team- Babs
    * Trying out crazy sports like motocross, sailing, and playing a million intramurals- Morgan
    * I don't know what normal people do with their time. I guess eating and sleeping a lot more- Maddy

    Q: What is your favorite song on the warm up mix?
    * The Circle of Life- Morgan
    * No Hands- Mary Susan
    * Allia Ola Oli- Babs
    * Mr. Saxobeat- Jaimie
    * Fantasy Remix- Regan
    * Cinderella Man- Megan

    Senior Q: If you could be doing anything next year, what would it be?
    * Working for the US Olympic Committee- Megan
    * Living in a new city with my friends and dog and have a fun job- Claire
    * A lawyer without going to law school- Regan

    Q: If the Big Ten could have one more field hockey team added, who would it be and why?
    * Hawaii: so then we get to go there for a weekend every other season- Maddy
    * Harvard: so then I can beat both of my good friends from England- Kirsty
    * Purdue: my mom played field hockey there- Regan

    Q: What is the greatest lesson you have learned in life?
    * Butter is always better- Claire
    * Fake it til you make it. Attitude is a huge determining factor in life- Jaimie
    * Your mother is ALWAYS right- Kaylee
    * Do what you love and love what you do- Mary Susan
    * You are your own biggest fan and your own greatest critic- Morgan
    * Never Say Never- Kirsty
    * Anyone can be replaced- Maddy

    We are opening up our Big Ten play at home Friday against Michigan (3 p.m.), so come out and support us! Until next time... Go 'Cats!!!

    -- Kaylee Pohlmeyer

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