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    Walk For Randy a Worthwhile Event

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    On Saturday, July 30, Northwestern is hosting the fourth-annual Walk for Randy to honor our former head football coach, Randy Walker, who died during the summer of 2006. The 5K Family Walk around the streets surrounding Ryan Field was started as way to remember Coach Walk through one of his favorite pastimes: walking for exercise through these very same neighborhoods.

    Sometimes on TV you'll hear disclaimers like "I am a non-attorney spokesman" or see the text "actor portrayal: not a real doctor." Though I'm a paid athletic communicator here at Northwestern, this blog entry has nothing to do with what I'm asked to write; it is a personal endorsement straight from my person.

    The Walk for Randy is a worthwhile event for you and your family!

    Why? Couple of reasons. First, this is a tremendously fitting tribute. Randy would walk to work, walk to lunch, walk for fun and walk for exercise. His wife, Tammy Walker, came to practice most days with their dog, Magic, in tow, and the three would often end the day by walking home together. The Walk for Randy is not simply a clever play on his last name; walking was a legitimate passion of his.

    The second reason is family. Nothing was more important to Coach Walker than his family. Each year, the Walk for Randy kicks off with Tammy and the family addressing the participants before leading the parade around the neighborhood as Grand Marshals.

    The best tribute to Coach Walker that we as fans and alums can make is not just the act of walking, it's in doing so with your family. Bring the kids, bring the strollers, bring the dogs and the neighbors, your pet goldfish in a bag of water, and spend a Saturday morning walking with the family. Shut off the phones, leave the iPods at home and just walk and talk. Enjoy each other!

    At the end of the day, this is a worthwhile weekend event for your family with fellow members of the Northwestern family. For all of the logistics on registering (there is a fee) and the perks you get (such as a ticket to the Nov. 12 game against Rice at Ryan Field), check out the official release.

    Have you participated in the Walk for Randy before? Tell us about it in the comments. We're looking forward to another great event on July 30 and we definitely want to share it with you and your family!!

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